My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Steel - “At some point, we'd love to get all our games on TV.”
 Sammy Teel - “We didn't play well as a team in the first half even though we got a few goals. We spent the second half working on passing combinations and working together, and our play improved.”
 Donald Steel - “We've asked investment bankers to assist with the review, but that doesn't mean we're putting it up for sale. We're exploring every option, from status quo to complete sale and everything in between.”
 David Steel - “The problem we've had in the past is that the bus service from Edinburgh doesn't start until 11.25am, which is too late to get down here.”
 Ronald Steel - “Politics as battle has given way to politics as spectacle.”
 David Steel - “She has turned the British bulldog into a Reagan poodle.”
 Danielle Steel - “The usual way - through a long series of rejections, revising my manuscripts, and kept trying again and again. Finally I was fortunate enough to find a good agent.”
 Danielle Steel - “People are much more inclined to believe and say bad things about you if you're famous.”
 Danielle Steel - “My kids are more precious to me than anything. I'm with them all day, and I write all night.”
 Danielle Steel - “My early reviews were so bad that I decided I didn't want to read them again.”
 Danielle Steel - “It's hard being visible, so I've made myself invisible.”
 Danielle Steel - “I'm astonished by my success.”
 Danielle Steel - “I wrote because I needed to and wanted to. It never occurred to me that I'd become famous.”
 Danielle Steel - “I try to write about the stuff that torments us all.”
 Danielle Steel - “I try to give people hope. Even though life is bleak, there's hope out there.”
 Danielle Steel - “I think I'm very real as a person, and that comes across in my work.”
 Danielle Steel - “I did it at night because I loved it. I never did it to make money, as a job. I just did it because I had to.”
 Danielle Steel - “I decided I would never do interviews again.”
 Danielle Steel - “At the moment, I'm enjoying John Grisham quite a bit.”
 Bob Steel - “He's been on the bench quite a bit this season, but I decided this was the time to throw him in. He played in central midfield and did well.”
 Sammy Teel - “This win was a good one to close out our home schedule with. We won at their place 6-0 last time, and we wanted to go out and show that we were an offensive team.”
 Sammy Teel - “We have so many different players who can be assets in so many different positions for us. It's just a matter of getting the right players in there at the right time.”
 Ronald Steel - “He forever perplexes and annoys. Every time you think he is about to show the statesmanship for which his intelligence and experience have equipped him, he throws a spitball.”
 David Steel - “We've got the right competitiveness of products now, and this is the time to position the brand as one with emotional attributes.”
 Jim Steel - “There's a pre-season shift to examining gasoline because heating oil worries have subsided. Demand is pretty good for this time of year. The fall in prices seems to have led to increased consumption.”

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