My Favorite Quotes
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 Dustin Teeman - “I always say they're like the Yankees of wrestling because they have as many scholarships as they want to give away, so they can pull in all kinds of wrestlers from all areas and give them full rides.”
 Dustin Teeman - “They're definitely a little more satisfying. It lets you know you've beaten a good team. But we enjoy every win we get. It does give you a little better perspective on where you're at.”
 Dustin Teeman - “I doubt it's good for you. And why should I spend money on tanning when I could just walk outside”
 Dustin Teeman - “They're a very tough team to compete against, and they're the toughest team we've competed against so far, but I wouldn't say that's why we got creamed. We just didn't wrestle up to our ability.”