My Favorite Quotes
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 Andrew Steer - “At the end of the day, what matters are results and so far the results are good.”
 Gene McAteer - “We've developed a nice rivalry with Rutgers Prep. It's two good teams, a lot of the kids know each other, and this game means an awful lot to them.”
 Julie Teer - “But he hasn't been doing county fairs or house parties like some of the other governors. And ... he's not holding big dinners for reporters.”
 Davitt McAteer - “Several of the miners' families asked for a postponement until the federal and state investigative teams have developed more information. After consultation with investigators and state legislators, I concurred. It's a complex investigation and, as the miners' families have said, it's more important to determine the facts carefully and thoroughly than to act before all the facts are in.”
 Andrew Steer - “Our strong view is that private investment will surge in the second half.”
 Davitt McAteer - “Any time we had problems, they wanted to jump on it and fix it.”
 Jason McAteer - “I have always been immensely proud to represent Ireland and have always given 100 percent, but I feel the time is right to step aside and let the talented youngsters have a go.”
 Rachel Steer - “That felt better than most of my races this year. I've had a real hard time this year with my skiing, it just hasn't been there. I still don't think it's there.”
 Davitt McAteer - “Historically, investigations of mine disasters in the United States have never involved the families of the victims. That era ends today.”
 Julie Teer - “It makes more sense than the piecemeal process in use today. Gov. Romney looks forward to working with the entire New England delegation on a more rational permitting process.”
 Rachel Steer - “I had one prone penalty and shot clean on standing today. I definitely felt better than I did in the 15K. I felt like my skiing was better.”
 Rachel Steer - “I had to travel back to the U.S. and I wasn't in a comfortable, happy place and I didn't really get to train I had to prepare for racing. And then I had to come back over to Europe and I was tired from this incredibly stressful race experience.”
 Robert McTeer - “may be a need sometime in the coming year, but let's wait until we get there.”
 Terry McAteer - “Since the students arrived and were sent home early, the school district could apply to me for an emergency attendance waiver, which allows them to collect money for full attendance. We started (the school day) in good faith, but the day went wild.”
 Andrew Steer - “If someone had said to us a year ago 'Would you be happy with investment growth of 15 percent over a year and investment to GDP rising from less than 20 to approaching 23 percent of GDP in the first year Would you regard that as success' I think almost everybody would say that is a pretty good first year's work.”
 Robert McTeer - “The wealthier a society, the less the income they spend on food, and less the income they spend on hard goods, and more they spend on services, ... That we have become more a service economy is not something to worry about.”
 Robert McTeer - “As long as the growth is taking place in a slack economy, with a high unemployment rate and a low capacity utilization rate. That growth is not likely to be inflationary, and not much reason for us to worry about it,”
 Julie Teer - “Governor Romney commends the members of the House who recognize, as we all do, that it is wrong to reward illegal immigration.”
 Jason McAteer - “However, I am now 33-years-old and have suffered with a couple of injuries in recent years,”
 Robert McTeer - “In the past, the unemployment has been more blue-collar, and people laid off were more likely to be brought back when the economy picked up, ... This one has been more white-collar than ever.”
 Andrew Steer - “There are still 60,000 people in tents today and that's clearly unacceptable a year after the tsunami.”
 Andrew Steer - “Whilst it was a slow start, I think most people feel that going into 2006, things are going to be better.”
 Julie Teer - “I am very excited about this new opportunity with Governor Romney.”
 Rachel Steer - “Oh my goodness I just noticed they said she was sick, and I saw her last night and she didn't look like she was getting sick.”
 Seamus McAteer - “It's still several years before carriers come close to emulating the success Apple has had in digital music.”

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