My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Steets - “It's a quarterly test, full volume, of all the sirens, but it's also the activations system. Our last test demonstrated that the sirens operated well. We hope we'll get the same or better results and we'll continue with the tests until the system is replaced.”
 Jim Steets - “We've provided information to the appropriate state and federal agencies.”
 Jim Steets - “We rotate shutting down (the plants) from year to year. We ran a shorter cycle for Indian Point 2 this time so that both plants are now done in the spring.”
 Greg Teets - “Nokia may be a victim of its own success. They have some nice low-end phones and are not giving people an excuse to shop up in the food chain.”
 Jim Steets - “You don't want to lose any water in the pool. But a lot of the things we deal with every day are dangerous. What's important is knowing how to deal with them.”
 Jim Steets - “Clearly, these are different findings than we've seen, but they're not near any drinking water supplies. It still remains that there's no public health threat here.”
 Jim Steets - “It's what we call service water. It's river water. It keeps the motors cool. It comes in and goes out. It doesn't even need to be treated.”
 William Teets - “We're never going to get Lilly to move to Ohio. But if they're looking to expand, we want them to know they don't have to go to New Jersey for qualified people.”
 Jim Steets - “Entergy has repeatedly demonstrated that it meets or exceeds safety and security regulations at Indian Point in several comprehensive assessments conducted by federal and local agencies. New York residents would be better served if these elected officials actually read the assessments, rather than waste tax dollars on new unwarranted assessments to mollify the extreme elements of their constituencies that oppose nuclear power.”
 Jim Steets - “The pumps were never in danger. It's a small leak that a worker noticed and reported, and everybody took the right steps.”
 Jim Steets - “We've incorporated lessons learned from exercises and events from across the country. This plan has been tested like no other nuclear plan has been tested and has demonstrated its effectiveness.”
 Greg Teets - “Because of the long-term growth outlook for the company and the stability of earnings generated by the royalty revenue, we are willing to give the company a premium over its peers.”
 Greg Teets - “The handset market is beginning a recovery. Consumers are interested in new phones with color and digital displays.”
 Jim Steets - “It's a sign that we are supportive of the attorney general and a clear indication of the regard ENPAC members have for the attorney general.”
 Bill Teets - “Agribusiness and food manufacturing is big here. This project addresses challenges to their business. This is the right sort of project for this loan.”
 William Teets - “We're trying to explain to people why Ohio is good for business.”
 Jim Steets - “What we may learn from this is that boxing (the electrical switch) is appropriate, or that we need to take extra steps next time there's scaffolding put up. We're erecting scaffolding all the time and we have done it in this location without incident.”
 Jim Steets - “We're gaining confidence in the belief that the source (of the leak) is the pool. We don't believe it's a bigger problem down the road, but we're not done. We have about a dozen more wells to dig.”
 Jim Steets - “In the old days, they weren't structured to respond as quickly as they are now. Once we knew for sure there were no equipment malfunctions, we could begin the process of restarting.”
 Jim Steets - “It's like in Monopoly, when you get a bank error in your favor. We don't get them often.”
 Jim Steets - “Perhaps an assessment, given Indian Point's recent media attention, will clarify for the public that Indian Point is being operated safely.”
 Jim Steets - “We appreciate the anger. We're not any happier than they are.”