My Favorite Quotes
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 Jason Teh - “Things are getting tougher in New Zealand. While the rest of the world hasn't really priced in the risks associated with higher interest rates and slower growth, New Zealand's market has started to do so.”
 Jason Teh - “As traditional revenue from newspapers slows and circulation declines, it's all about expanding your revenue streams to provide growth. You have to have a serious presence on the Internet.”
 Jason Teh - “The appeal of these investments is a high and steady yield, rather than their growth opportunities. There's a high element of demand for these assets at the moment.”
 Jason Teh - “It's not always a good thing for Australian stocks when commodities prices go up. I look at the U.S. picture first when I make decisions because the market is so huge and has a global spin-off on stocks.”
 Jason Teh - “At face value, Patrick shares should start higher. The question is whether the new Toll entity gets a re-rating in the market after the acquisition on synergy benefits, or whether debt levels will be a bigger concern.”
 Jason Teh - “If they want to use shares to buy a company, then if their shares fall it will make it harder for that takeover to proceed. The market's probably getting a bit of indigestion as regards to the size of the predatory move.”
 Jason Teh - “You've got a strong asset with monopoly-like characteristics that is not financially burdened with debt so it has a lot of flexibility to grow the business. There's definitely demand for an investment like this. If it's a good price, we'll certainly try and get a stake.”
 Jason Teh - “They have a clear mandate to grow their gaming business but they've also shown that they're not trigger-happy.”
 Jason Teh - “All traditional media is looking into new areas, trying to see whether they should grow through acquisitions. Fairfax is trying to grow the business at top price.”
 Jason Teh - “Given the bad blood between Chris and Paul, Pacific National has to be restructured or broken up.”
 Jason Teh - “Babcock Brown is certainly trying to be as aggressive as Macquarie Bank.”
 Jason Teh - “Globally, steel shares are up as some people are pricing in potential takeovers. Consolidation will help shift the balance of power against the raw materials suppliers.”