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 Arn Tellem - “In the event that Tim Thomas clears waivers, I hope to work something out with Phoenix.”
 Arn Tellem - “They have real interest, but at the same time, they are still evaluating things. We're all keeping our fingers crossed.”
 Arn Tellem - “There is another side to this story, and Raffy will tell it soon. I hope that the public will wait to make a final judgment about Rafael until they hear his story in its entirety.”
 Arn Tellem - “My wife expects me to be on a plane to Rome for the CBS screening of the CBS TV movie about Pope John Paul . The screening is at the Vatican on the 17th, and I've got to be on the plane on the 16th, so I'm hoping we can conclude the deal by the 15th, which is deadline, so I can please Hideki and please my wife and meet the pope.”
 Arn Tellem - “I appreciate the years I have spent at SFX and am looking forward to a positive working relationship moving forward,”
 Arn Tellem - “Everyone feels Frank will come back and be the Frank Thomas we've seen for many years,”
 Arn Tellem - “We've done very well and I have no regrets. But I think we have a unique opportunity to have a sports agency which will endure for many more years.”
 Arn Tellem - “I can't say anything, I can't make any comment other than to say a number of teams have expressed interest in a number of possibilities.”
 Arn Tellem - “There are probably a half-dozen teams that have expressed interest in him. It's starting to pick up. That's why I'm going to Dallas. I have a number of meetings with teams to talk about him.”
 Nancy Tellem - “Jack's extensive background, contacts and expertise in the music industry make him the ideal person to become CBS' go-to executive for all music-related enterprises.”
 Arn Tellem - “Both sides wanted to make a deal and ultimately we were able to agree on the numbers. There was never any real problem. Brian and I have a long history of making deals. In my mind, I had no doubt at the end we would.”
 Arn Tellem - “He is weighing all of them carefully and hopes to make the best decision for him and his family in the very near future. The decision will not, however, be made today.”
 Arn Tellem - “He is intent on returning and playing. There has never been any thought to the contrary.”
 Arn Tellem - “It would not be appropriate to comment while the House Committee on Government Reform is doing its work.”
 Nancy Tellem - “This new position speaks to his interests, his talents and the company's commitment to develop new forms of programming content that can be broadcast on network television or streamed across multiple platforms.”
 Nancy Tellem - “This publication is a great way to extend the promotional reach of our stars and programming. Each quarter, we'll be able to showcase our primetime, late-night, daytime, sports and news programming to more than 400,000 TV fans across the country, who we think will enjoy reading about their favorite shows and talents in a slick, engaging celebrity magazine.”
 Arn Tellem - “There were a lot of interesting partnership opportunities for our sports agency, but it was clear from the very beginning that Casey was who I wanted to be with most. In Casey, we found someone who shares common values and our goal of building a worldwide sports company that is a leader in its field. The new arrangement is going to allow us to better service our clients because of the very strong marketing and media content businesses that WMG already has in place. I am very happy that our most valuable and trusted agents are coming over to WMG and I am looking forward to working with Casey to aggressively grow the business and turn WMG into a sports and entertainment powerhouse.”
 Arn Tellem - “mind-boggling, unprofessional, and something I have never experienced in my 25 years in this business.”
 Arn Tellem - “Palmeiro's agent, Arn Tellem, blamed Major League Baseball officials for Tuesday's leak of the name of the drug. The confidentiality rules that the arbitrator set in this case have been broken by MLB, ... Rafael has respected the rules by not discussing the specifics, but unfortunately MLB has not done the same. What MLB has done is outrageous and it undermines the integrity of their drug testing program. There is another side to this story, and Raffy will tell it soon. I hope that the public will wait to make a final judgment about Rafael until they hear his story in its entirety.”
 Nancy Tellem - “We're always looking for ways to provide current and potential new viewers every possible opportunity to sample our series. We want to be where the viewers are, and this exclusive partnership with Yahoo gives us the chance to target an expanded online audience for TWO AND A HALF MEN and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER at a time of the year when many potential viewers are home on vacation and surfing the Internet.”