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 Dana Telsey - “We've had a wide variety of excuses, whether it be Princess Diana's funeral, the weather, El Nino... Bottom line is August was better than planned and it stole a little bit from the month of September.”
 Dana Telsey - “Some of the names that fit into that context actually names like The Gap ( GPS Research , Estimates ). Basic items like jeans and khakis, people certainly going there on a repeat basis.”
 Dana Telsey - “Gap's basic and fashion merchandise is certainly not getting the right mix in order to sell more goods at full price.”
 Dana Telsey - “The holiday season was a little bit choppy. We started off strong, it dipped in the middle, and this last week certainly was the biggest week.”
 Dana Telsey - “There's concern that earnings estimates will have to be reduced.”
 Dana Telsey - “Comparison would have been even better for some of those retailers if you would have had better weather in the Northeast.”
 Dana Telsey - “The weakness in the stock price, despite the better-than-expected earnings, is due to the company saying it sees same-store sales (sales at stores open a year or more) in the second quarter rising 2-to-4 percent, when yesterday (Monday), Lowe's said 4-to-6 percent.”
 Dana Telsey - “As you can see, Christmas is spread out -- not just among December but among January as well. Promotions certainly helped to drive those sales and you can see what the consumer is looking for. It all depend on price.”
 Dana Telsey - “Projections for the Christmas season really haven't changed very much. While some of the retail stocks certainly have come back a lot, we haven't seen sales overall pick up dramatically. The good companies like the Gap, are still doing very well, while the companies that have been struggling continue to do so.”
 Dana Telsey - “You're getting quarterly reports and news about August sales this week, and retail stocks have also been beaten down, so you're seeing some strength in the sector. Retailers have managed their second half of the year well, which is positive for back-to-school and Christmas sales, both crucial for the sector.”
 Dana Telsey - “With Christmas coming on a Sunday, most people feel they can procrastinate a little bit longer because they have until Saturday to finish up their holiday shopping.”
 Dana Telsey - “It's certainly a boon to the luxury business.”
 Dana Telsey - “It's certainly a boon to the luxury business. That exclusivity has made more people willing to pay full price for merchandise the moment they think they can get it, which has helped the bottom line.”
 Dana Telsey - “Apparel overall is showing a mixed picture. There's been a lot of pressure on the apparel side, particularly among specialty retailers, to keep prices down but we think that situation will improve as the year goes on.”