My Favorite Quotes
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 Pinsoom Tenzing - “They were good goals, well-crafted goals.”
 Pinsoom Tenzing - “I'm disappointed, this is the weakest we played for maybe six months. I'm disappointed we missed so many goals. We didn't open the game up. When we did move the ball, we attacked down the flanks beautifully.”
 Pinsoom Tenzing - “We didn't play well in terms of our passing and the spacing of our players. We used too many long balls and missed on too many chances (to score). I'm concerned about the spacing because too many times the second attacker wasn't there.”
 Pinsoom Tenzing - “We again have a tremendous amount of depth, there are any number of kids who can play.”
 Pinsoom Tenzing - “It's a big loss. She's a captain and a huge inspiration for the younger ones. She's a terrific, endearing one.”
 Pinsoom Tenzing - “They are going to fly off the handle, that's the general plan. We spent the entire preseason camp working on defense, and I'm happy with how things have turned out. I'm really not worried about the defense.”
 Pinsoom Tenzing - “The dilemma is whether to rest them and get them out of shape or work them and risk getting them more hurt. It's a tough balance to strike.”