My Favorite Quotes
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 Mark Tepe - “People hold onto things for a variety of reasons. If they want them for sentimental reasons or if they are seasonal items, they should think about additional storage away from the closet. Storage bins or a designated place in the basement would work.”
 Mark Tepe - “People are on the go so much more these days. People aren't home as much as they used to be. They want things in their place so it is less stressful when they are home.”
 Mark Tepe - “Organization is all about space management. If you find the best way to maximize your space and designate a place for everything, you'll be able to organize to a T.”
 Eric Tepe - “I'm going to still have to make some money of my own, I'm at the early stages of that.”
 Mark Tepe - “The home improvement craze has led to homeowners having more tools and garden gadgets. It helps to control the clutter if you have a place for all of these tools.”