My Favorite Quotes
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 Satoru Terao - “I did my best and have no regrets about my race. It was a fast-paced race and I had a hard time finding the right position. I wanted to go farther in this event.”
 Satoru Terao - “I don't have any regrets about my run. It was fast-paced and I had a hard time finding a good position in the pack. I wanted to move on to the next round in the 1,000, where I thought I would be in with a chance along with the 500.”
 Satoru Terao - “You never know what will happen in the 500 meters, so I wanted to draw a good position at the start line and jump into a quick lead. I'll try to concentrate on my next race to make it to the semifinals.”
 Satoru Terao - “I think I was able to show everything I've got in running the 1,500 and I believe today's run will help me perform better in the races to come.”