My Favorite Quotes
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 Studs Terkel - “Something was still there, that something that distinguishes an artist from a performer the revealing of self. Here I be. Not for long, but here I be. In sensing her mortality, we sensed our own.”
 Studs Terkel - “When you become part of something, in some way you count. It could be a march it could be a rally, even a brief one. You're part of something, and you suddenly realize you count. To count is very important.”
 Studs Terkel - “Someone who does an act. In a democratic society, you're supposed to be an activist that is, you participate. It could be a letter written to an editor.”
 Studs Terkel - “So people are ready. I feel hopeful in that sense.”
 Studs Terkel - “Nonetheless, do I have respect for people who believe in the hereafter Of course I do. I might add, perhaps even a touch of envy too, because of the solace.”
 Studs Terkel - “If solace is any sort of succor to someone, that is sufficient. I believe in the faith of people, whatever faith they may have.”
 Studs Terkel - “I'm not up on the Internet, but I hear that is a democratic possibility. People can connect with each other. I think people are ready for something, but there is no leadership to offer it to them. People are ready to say, 'Yes, we are part of a world.'”
 Studs Terkel - “But once you become active in something, something happens to you. You get excited and suddenly you realize you count.”
 Jill Sterkel - “When I came into the room after the announcement, everyone was a little busted up. We spend so much time working with them. When something like that comes up, it's pretty tough to handle.”
 Jill Sterkel - “Since it's outdoors the times aren't going to be that impressive, but the races will be. Our goal for this weekend is just to go and race well.”
 Studs Terkel - “I want a language that speaks the truth.”
 Studs Terkel - “Most of us have jobs that are too small for our spirits.”
 Studs Terkel - “We use the word 'hope' perhaps more often than any other word in the vocabulary 'I hope it's a nice day.' 'Hopefully, you're doing well.' 'So how are things going along Pretty good. Going to be good tomorrow Hope so.'”
 Studs Terkel - “I want to praise activists through the years. I praise those of the past as well, to have them honored.”
 Studs Terkel - “Aug. 9, the day of the operation, you know what day that was Sixty years to the day the bomb dropped on Nagasaki. Amazing... the human race designs something like that, something that kills, and then the same human race designs things to save human life.”
 Studs Terkel - “His ingenuity and his faith in the good taste of people are what made WFMT, ... He believed the public--and by that he meant ordinary people--deserved the best in broadcasting.”
 Studs Terkel - “His ingenuity and his faith in the good taste of people are what made WFMT. He believed the public and by that he meant ordinary people deserved the best in broadcasting.”
 Studs Terkel - “I want people to talk to one another no matter what their difference of opinion might be.”
 Studs Terkel - “We are the most powerful nation in the world, but we're not the only nation in the world. We are not the only people in the world. We are an important people, the wealthiest, the most powerful and, to a great extent, generous. But we are part of the world.”
 Studs Terkel - “I hope that memory is valued - that we do not lose memory.”
 Studs Terkel - “One time, ... I was doing 'Studs Place,' my early TV show, and I'm supposed to be quitting cigars and I'm yearning for a smoke and I quote from the 'Odyssey.' I say, I am Ulysses passing the Isle of Circe. Meaning I got these temptations. Truck drivers called in and said they liked the classical reference.”
 Studs Terkel - “I originally said, No,' ... I was feeling not so much scared as lost. There was a one in four chance that I wouldn't make it.”
 Studs Terkel - “Perhaps it is this specter that most haunts working men and women the planned obsolescence of people that is of a piece with the planned obsolescence of the things they make. Or sell.”
 Studs Terkel - “I'm seeing something and I'm not standing silent about it. Humans are pushed out to make room for cars.”
 Jill Sterkel - “I have a lot of loyalty and pride associated with this University.”

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