My Favorite Quotes
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 Dave Terre - “The larger fish tend to spawn earlier, but the big fish will suddenly decide to move and that's going to occur in a fairly short period of time.”
 Dave Terre - “Look at the positive side. If we get a good flooding rain it washes new nutrients into the system. You get the new lake effect when it has been down for a period of time.”
 Andy Santerre - “I've learned that it's all about people, which I kind of knew that anyway. It's about treating guys right and getting the work out of them.”
 Dave Terre - “The 60s are magic. That's when things start to happen. When the temperature gets into the upper 50s, the males start looking for spawning sites. Anglers who start catching the males know that's when the spawn is about to happen.”
 Andy Santerre - “Still, I'm excited for Sean. He's a great competitor and great talent. I'm excited to play the owner game and the crew chief game.”
 Dave Terre - “How far the white bass run up the Sabine is dependent on the river flow. It is not going to keep them from spawning. A lot of people may not know that they will spawn in the lake on wind-blown points. It is going to impact angler success.”
 Dave Terre - “Fishing is awesome. It has pulled off all that water and has concentrated the fish in a smaller amount of water. That is common.”
 Dave Terre - “Where the effect comes in droughts is the low water levels coming off the spawn. All the water is pulled off the cover the baby bass are hiding in. They can't hide and this hurts recruitment. But it is something fishermen might not notice for three or four years.”