My Favorite Quotes
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 Chris Terrio - “So we had a couple of long conversations in France and once I thought this script was in pretty good shape, I sent it to her. I knew I wanted Glenn from the beginning. In fact, I had tried to gear the character towards her. Glenn is a single mom who lives in New York and does theater and film. She's a very strong, intelligent person in the way that Diana (her character) is, so I think she made herself very vulnerable to play this part.”
 Chris Terrio - “Merchant-Ivory, who put up the money for the film, had hired me to do a 'behind-the-scenes' on one of their films, Le Divorce , and Glenn (Close) was in that,”
 Chris Terrio - “It's kind of that period in your 20s when you're on the verge of something and you feel that you're playing musical chairs, ... The music's about to stop and you'll have to sit down somewhere and you hope that you're making the right decision before it's too late. All the characters are well-intentioned, they're all trying to please everyone, and I think that's where they make bad choices.”