My Favorite Quotes
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 Terry Austin - “Some of our freshmen are starting to come around and that's very encouraging. You know, some people may look at these losses now and think it's a down year of whatever, but I look at it as what we're doing now is definitely going to be a good building block for the future. We're starting to drop our score two or three strokes every match. If we can keep doing that, we're going to be all right.”
 Terry Austin - “We regret and hate to lose an industry of that caliber.”
 Terry Austin - “I think every time we get together it's going to be a close game, just because both teams really want to win.”
 Terry Austin - “Norris City played very well and they should be proud of themselves. We didn't play very well today. I don't think we played to our potential today, but we have other matches to play and things will get better.”
 Terry Austin - “We had an opportunity there in the seventh and earlier in the game we had a couple of scoring opportunities where we didn't get a hit. They sort of manufactured a run, and we had opportunities and we didn't, and that's the difference.”
 Terry Austin - “The entire second level can't even be walked on at this point. There are leaks everywhere and the damage is just too extensive at this point. This club just doesn't have the money to do the repairs.”
 Terry Austin - “We see a lot of anxiety.”
 Terry Austin - “DMX Music chose Good because our industry leading platform- and device-independent solution enables true device choice and easy IT management. Customers are calling for an alternative to protect their mission-critical business operations and investments, and are concerned about being restricted by a solution with a single point of failure. With our device-agnostic approach, customers are assured the most secure, reliable and cost-efficient technology to deliver mission-critical information to employees outside of the walls of the corporation.”