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 Paul Testa - “With only two seniors, I continue to look at this team as one that is rebuilding and still working to improve their games.”
 Vince Testa - “Our 103-pounder was sick with the flu, and I didn't have a replacement. Fortunately, the forfeit didn't hurt us.”
 Vince Testa - “Brock sat out with a minor injury. Having him in the lineup would have given us at least 20 more team points.”
 Tiffany Malatesta - “We're going to be ready. We're going to be focused and prepared. We're taking it one meet at a time.”
 Vince Testa - “We had to get a split there. The coaches and I worked things out before the match and every time it came out 7-7 in matches. We just got enough bonus points.”
 Vince Testa - “I've been trying to get the kids to come down from Cloud 9 and get them back down to reality. We've had an incredible run, becoming the first team in school history to win a WPIAL title and qualify for the PIAA tournament, but the kids have to realize it doesn't get any easier.”
 Vince Testa - “We both won a title that nobody thought we would win. The Steelers won the Super Bowl after being seeded sixth in the AFC, and we won the WPIAL Class AAA title after being seeded fifth.”
 Vince Testa - “We are a stronger dual-meet team than a tournament team. We don't have a lot of big guns. What we have is a lot of foot soldiers that work very hard.”
 Vince Testa - “Two years ago, we set a school record by qualifying 11 kids for the WPIAL tournament. Last year, we had 10 qualify. That's 21 in two years. It will be very tough to match that total this year.”
 Vince Testa - “Chris' win was huge. Anybody could have won this match. I thought we got a little tight in the middle weights.”
 Vince Testa - “The only difference (Saturday) was I was jumping up and down. I was sick as a dog on Friday and I was fortunate the best medicine I could have had was a win against Connellsville.”
 Vince Testa - “A police car and an SUV were blocking the road. The police officer boarded the bus and said to the team, 'It's days like this that make me proud to be a police officer in Trafford.' He then offered a police escort to the high school to recognize what we had accomplished.”
 Paul Testa - “It was really good to see them play well in doubles. Everybody on the team was able to leave with at least one win under their belt. Last year it took some kids well into the season before they got their first win.”
 Darren Testa - “There was a little doubt last year. He's just more mature and more confident this year.”
 Vince Testa - “I'm really proud of this team. We had some real good practices, and they believed they could win. Everyone did their part even in defeat by not giving up bonus points. We also did a nice job getting bonus points at critical times.”
 Vince Testa - “I invited everybody to come into the school to watch us place the championship trophy in our trophy case. It was great to have such a big crowd at the title match.”
 Paul Testa - “I think the two players that have surprised me the most are Megan Rooney and Lisa McManus. Both have shown tremendous improvement in their games since last year and both have good court strategy and competitiveness that has helped them this season.”
 Darren Testa - “We control our own destiny. We should be in those matches. We didn't get all the premium points. We needed some tech falls and pins. We had to wrestle perfect - not just good - to win.”
 Vince Testa - “We're looking at a pretty tough schedule. New competition is going to be a test.”
 Vince Testa - “Hopefully, this proved to the committee we should have been seeded No. 4. I'm proud of these guys. They've worked extremely hard in the room, and they've been underestimated by a lot of people. I feel great for them.”
 Vince Testa - “I don't think the committee considers the individual tournaments when it comes to seeding.”
 Vince Testa - “I'm worried about injuries because we don't have much depth. In fact, we don't have a replacement in a couple of weight classes, so if a starter gets injured, we may have to forfeit.”
 Tiffany Malatesta - “It was a relay choice. We all decided on that together. Last week was hard on us. Next week will be hard on us. We just wanted to come to CALs and have some fun. This shows our hard work pays off. It's a great feeling.”
 Vince Testa - “I never dreamed we would get this far. So any wins we record in the state team tournament will be icing on the cake.”
 Tiffany Malatesta - “Looking back, we've done so much. We've accomplished a lot of our goals as a team and a relay. We have a lot to brag about.”

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