My Favorite Quotes
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 Hannah Teter - “I don't know what I'll do with my gold medal. Maybe I'll staple it to a wall. Is that a good thing to do with it”
 Hannah Teter - “I was kind of bummed for her, because she had it right in her hand.”
 Hannah Teter - “Hang it on the wall, is that a good thing to do with it I'll probably take it up to our house in Vermont. I'll probably just staple it to the wall.”
 Hannah Teter - “I was standing up there (in the start house) and then Gretchen went and threw down so hard I thought she had me. I said, 'Oh, oh, step it up.' And then my coach said, 'OK, victory lap.' No way”
 Hannah Teter - “A different kind of family, I guess. Mom went to nursing school after having five kids, and Dad is a road construction foreman. Pretty cool people. I guess you call them hippies. They met at a music festival in Colorado. Dad was leaning against a tree, playing a flute, and Mom walked by and caught his eye. That's the way they tell the story.”
 Hannah Teter - “I dreamed it. But I just never thought it would play out so soon -- you know, like, Olympics, gold. It's amazing.”
 Hannah Teter - “Family is the foundation of everything. This is a family thing. I got my no-fear attitude from my brothers from back when we used to bounce on the trampoline or go to the skate park.”
 Hannah Teter - “The foundation is just everything. Throughout my childhood, my parents were always behind me in everything I wanted to do. Having the support behind me made me strive and keep striving and just have that no-fear attitude. ... We do everything together.”