My Favorite Quotes
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 Jon Tetzchner - “People say they would use Opera, if they wouldn't have to spend money to buy it. This gives them an option.”
 Jon Tetzchner - “With Opera Mini, most people can start surfing the Web with the mobile phone they have today.”
 Jon Tetzchner - “Opera 8 on Sony Ericsson's P990 benefits not only end users with a fast and full-featured Internet experience, but operators as well,”
 Jon Tetzchner - “We want to become the second-biggest browser. The number one is a little inaccessible.”
 Jon Tetzchner - “It's a very light browser, with one of the lightest resource requirements. We aim to offer the capability to run it on a 10-year-old computer because a lot of firms don't have the resources to upgrade their kit often.”