My Favorite Quotes
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 Tim Teykl - “They are not going to miss a beat. They graduated some kids, but they are going to be big up front and some of those receivers are back.”
 Tim Teykl - “They are very strong, they are very active and they are very aggressive. They are very sound in their technique, so we are going to have to play our 'A' game. We are going to have step up to the plate.”
 Tim Teykl - “The strength of Friendswood, year in and year out, has been their offense. And they are going to bring a polished offense to the game Saturday. There is no doubt about it.”
 Tim Teykl - “He is a good athlete. He is the bell cow of their defense. They structure their defense around him. He makes the calls and he runs the alleys well. He keeps everybody aligned so that they do not get out of position. He is a dangerous football player.”