My Favorite Quotes
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 David Thacker - “My freshman year, we all sat and watched as the seniors fought for a sectional championship but didn't get it. We knew any of those games last week could be our last game, so we gave it everything we had.”
 Corey Thacker - “You can't get an honor like that if you don't have kids that work hard and believe in the system.”
 Corey Thacker - “He does every little thing right. He's been our hardest worker in practice for the last four years.”
 Lloyd Thacker - “The predictors of a good education are virtually impossible to measure,”
 Corey Thacker - “There was a stretch there where we just couldn't make a bucket.”
 Corey Thacker - “They've worked hard to come together and make a run.”
 Lloyd Thacker - “Very seldom do parents pay the advertised price tag of a private school.”
 Tom Thacker - “We played really sluggish and relaxed on defense. We played lousy.”
 Tom Thacker - “I was trying to find a combination of guys dedicated to hustling and playing defense. But you expend twice as much energy to catch up, then you're exhausted. We took a couple ill-advised shots at the end.”
 Corey Thacker - “Incline played well the whole game. We were very passive attacking the zone defense. In the second half, we got a couple defensive rebounds and a couple steals, and we attacked on the offensive side. It got us going.”
 Lloyd Thacker - “It's a key part of the experience. It's all the learning that goes on outside the classroom, sports, debate, discussions in the dorm room.”
 David Thacker - “Nobody is really giving us credit for being able to win the game. But I think we've played a pretty tough schedule this year. I think the reason there are so many upsets in the sectional and regional is because it comes down to who wants it more. It comes down to who hits the big shot, who locks down and plays defense. Anyone can win.”
 Tom Thacker - “We showed we had some character and that it's not over until it's over. We just made some bad decisions down the stretch that cost us.”
 Lloyd Thacker - “Students need to understand that they're doing precision guesswork. The end result should be that you're exited about where you land your freshman year of college.”