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 Klaus Augenthaler - “Over the two games Liverpool fully deserved to go through,”
 Jay Mergenthaler - “I've always wanted to do more hitting because there's a certain rush of adrenaline you get when you put one down. I'd say that hitting is more fun and you get more glory doing it. But setting is my biggest strength and it's more important, so I enjoy doing both.”
 Curt Grottenthaler - “I'm just excited for the team. (Five straight shutouts) is pretty good, to say the least.”
 David Engelthaler - “I know we got hit pretty hard here in the health department with a lot of upper respiratory infections.”
 Klaus Augenthaler - “I just hope it wasn't a one-off and that we're going to tail off again after this. Everything seemed to work well. I hope it lasts.”
 Helen Frankenthaler - “We would sift through every inch of what it was that worked, or if it didn't, and wonder what was effective in it, in terms of paint, the subject matter, the size, the drawing.”
 Helen Frankenthaler - “The landscapes were in my arms as I did it.”
 Mike Thaler - “People always say they thought fields had to be green and I agreed. Maybe we'll get an orange one it would be a great attraction for Bowling Green.”
 Richard Thaler - “The median person still thought that their prices were going to go up. That's the definition of a bubble.”
 Klaus Augenthaler - “We were disciplined in the second half, though, and we made it through as group winners, when no one thought we had a chance.”
 David Engelthaler - “We know it's not going away any time soon. We're just urging people to be prepared.”
 Klaus Augenthaler - “We have played six games this season but this is the first time we have played well.”
 Chad Morgenthaler - “I get to fish all the time.”
 Klaus Augenthaler - “The team played football today the way I like to see it.”
 Curt Grottenthaler - “We can be proud of the way we played. They are a quality team, but they got lucky today. I think it was circumstances other than the players that determined the outcome of the game.”
 John Rekenthaler - “This isn't the kind of industry where half the companies are going to go bankrupt in a recession. They're in good shape to weather a downturn.”
 Klaus Augenthaler - “People who can't take pressure are in the wrong place.”
 John Rekenthaler - “People become risk tolerant when they become educated about the market.”
 David Engelthaler - “It's just the overall significance of the impact of such a large-scale emergency ... We can't be stuck in the old Katrina model where we're not prepared.”
 Nick Meythaler - “I expected great things. I think we all did. That's why we chose to come to Virginia. We thought it was a great school and a great opportunity. We definitely thought Virginia was under performing. That's kind of what sold us. We came together and we talked on the phone when we were being recruited. We said let's all do this together. Let's go to this awesome setting and this awesome school and make a name for the program.”
 Chad Morgenthaler - “It's going to be a tournament that's about adjustments, I can promise you that. I'll have to make the right ones, but the fish seem to be setting up where I need them to be.”
 Helen Frankenthaler - “A really good picture looks as if it's happened at once. It's an immediate image.”
 Beat Siegenthaler - “If the election period passes smoothly and the inflation picture remains benign, further easing is not excluded.”
 Beat Siegenthaler - “The economic fundamentals are a very supportive factor for the currency. The current account surplus and exports continue to perform well.”
 Richard Thaler - “There is no doubt that these are real people making real choices for high stakes, and we rarely get to observe such pure decisions.”

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