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 Kerry Tharp - “Looking back on it, though, you could see where people are probably thinking these guys did have some big weight gains.”
 Seth Tharp - “I think we definitely can compete right away. We do have some strong players and, barring any injuries, I think we have a solid enough group to win a lot of games.”
 John Tharp - “It takes a lot to have that happen, but they have the right makeup, right character and mental toughness. They've stepped up down the stretch in most games, so we're encouraged, but that's a fine line. There's so many great teams out there.”
 John Tharp - “We can't play individual ball against them, because their top five individuals are better than our top five individuals. We just kept on clawing.”
 Twyla Tharp - “The rewards of dancing are very different from choreographing.”
 Twyla Tharp - “The formal education that I received made little sense to me.”
 Twyla Tharp - “In terms of individuals who actually inspired me, very few of the academic people that I had access to had that power over me. Maybe it's simply because I wasn't that committed to geometry.”
 Twyla Tharp - “I was privileged to be able to study a year with Martha Graham, the last year she was teaching.”
 Twyla Tharp - “I often say that in making dances I can make a world where I think things are done morally, done democratically, done honestly.”
 Twyla Tharp - “I never studied with Balanchine, but his work was very important to me.”
 Twyla Tharp - “I have the wherewithal to challenge myself for my entire life. That's a great gift.”
 Twyla Tharp - “I have not wanted to intimidate audiences. I have not wanted my dancing to be an elitist form. That doesn't mean I haven't wanted it to be excellent.”
 Twyla Tharp - “I don't think politicians should be allowed into power who are not familiar with their bodies, because that's where our bottom line is. And I know that they would make totally different decisions if they felt responsible simply for their own bodies.”
 Twyla Tharp - “I don't mean this, but I'm going to say it anyway. I don't really think of pop art and serious art as being that far apart.”
 Jim Tharp - “No one thought we could get above the mid-80s for the three days.”
 Seth Tharp - “She's going to be a powerhouse, too. She knows how to get on top of the ball and put it down. She knows where to put it, too - not just putting it down in the same place each time.”
 John Tharp - “Those guys have made us focus every day. It's not as if I have to motivate them or remind them. They understand what we're trying to do. If anybody steps out of line or doesn't work as hard as we think they ought to be, the seniors set them straight.”
 John Tharp - “It's been fun because this is new for us and our program. It's been interesting. The kids have handled it very well. They are very level-headed kids. They understand how one game changes things quickly.”
 Kerry Tharp - “It was a very disappointing time. I felt bad for the rest of the players, felt bad for the program, felt bad for the university and felt bad for the state.”
 John Tharp - “Our guys have a vision of something bigger.”
 Jim Tharp - “It's a lot less stressful to wait for the box office numbers for Red Eye than it is for The Island .”
 Twyla Tharp - “In those days, male dancers were a rarer breed than women. as they are still today, A good male dancer, one as strong as we were, was very difficult to come by if you couldn't afford to pay them.”
 Jim Tharp - “That's the highest percentage of women I can ever remember for one of our films. Clearly, we needed more romantic-minded men to show up.”
 Jim Tharp - “We knew that women liked suspense and horror, but we didn't expect them to be that big a percentage. They're the group turning out more than any other this summer.”
 Jim Tharp - “The term gets used a lot, but we do think this is a movie that can be carried by word of mouth,”

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