My Favorite Quotes
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 Paul Themba - “Our biggest challenge is that Zimbabweans have never experienced any form of free and fair elections and have had 25 years of broken promises and betrayed dreams,”
 Paul Themba - “The creation of a senate is in no way a move to improve legislative oversight. It has simply been created as an extension of presidential patronage, aimed at soothing bruised egos in the ruling party.”
 Paul Themba - “The new constitution represents a serious assault on citizens' basic rights and freedoms.”
 Paul Themba - “A constitution should be a symbol of national consensus. This consensus can only be established if a constitution is formulated in full consultation with the people.”
 Paul Themba - “The argument that a lot of those people are expressing is that if you don't have an alternative to elections, you are better off participating because at least they give you an opportunity to connect with the electorate, to present your policies, to banish the fear which is dominant in Zimbabwe.”