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 Jose Theodore - “Obviously, I'd like to have all three of the goals back. I would have liked to have saved all of them. They got a lucky break on the third one, off our guy's skate. That's part of the game.”
 Jose Theodore - “Since the beginning of the season, I gave up a couple of bad goals.”
 Jose Theodore - “The first period with all those penalties it was a real test for our team and for ourselves. I felt really good.”
 Jose Theodore - “I always like my hair real long and I like to keep it long as long as possible.”
 Justice Theodore - “This is a very unfortunate event and an unfortunate day in the history of labor relations in this city.”
 Jose Theodore - “They played desperate hockey. They were especially desperate in the second period when they really came after me.”
 Justice Theodore - “I am confounded by the tortured tale of these negotiations. It is unfortunate that it had to come down to an illegal strike.”
 Nik Theodore - “We found that the spending of undocumented immigrants in the Chicago metro area accounted for about 31,000 jobs every year.”
 Justice Theodore - “Without question, many people suffered severely as a result of this strike.”
 Nik Theodore - “Coming into the study, we knew that the low-wage market is rife with violations of basic labor standards, but we still found the statistics shocking and disturbing.”
 Nik Theodore - “This really is a nationwide phenomenon. We found the presence of day labor in every region of the United States.”
 Jose Theodore - “You see there's 16 seconds left and it's five-on-three, you don't expect to have a two-on-one, but that's something we have to learn from. It was a bad bounce, but we can't take chances like that.”
 Jose Theodore - “I didn't really know what was going on. I thought about going out of the net and not playing into his game, but then I thought he had the (nerve) to go on the ice, so I let him have a free shot at me.”
 Jose Theodore - “I think that that was their best game of the series. But nobody thought we were going to sweep the series so we just have to forget about it and move on.”
 Jose Theodore - “I thought Dallas tonight played their best game so far. They came at it, they were moving the puck around, jamming the net and getting a lot of traffic in front of me.”
 Jose Theodore - “This is obviously the most important time of year. As a player, this is when you like to play ... and when you want to be on top of your game. I think on the ice is where (the game) is played. We all know they're a great team and they've got a lot of power. We'll respect that team but we'll have to do what we do best and concentrate on our team.”
 Jose Theodore - “I think Patrick wouldn't say something unless it was true. It was a great confidence boost. Every time Patrick Roy says something you believe him.”
 Jose Theodore - “When it's not happening, for sure you don't like it but it's not the time to get down, it's the time to work twice as hard and keep working, working on details. A lot of players go through slumps and I'm going through a slump here but it's not like I'm the only guy in the league that's happened to.”
 Jose Theodore - “You want to play well and when it's not happening, for sure, you don't like it. It's not time to get down on myself. It's time to work twice as hard and I guess it's working on the details.”
 Jose Theodore - “Oh, he's been really, really good. Every time you see him, even if the team's not doing well, he's smiling. You feel like he really likes everybody in the dressing room, and he's really close to the team. He's a fun owner to play for. He's a friend. He's been terrific.”
 Jose Theodore - “I knew Jason has a really hard shot, so I give him the glove side. He still beat me. I couldn't get over in time, because he has a rocket.”
 Jose Theodore - “The last game, as a team, myself, I didn't think we played the way we should, ... I was unhappy with the way I played, so today was a big challenge for us to play well and for me to bounce back.”
 Justice Theodore - “A lot of people would not be sympathetic to the fact that the union would seem to be suffering. A lot of people would take the position the union does not warrant sympathy.”
 Jose Theodore - “It's really tough because there's just so much traffic in front of the net now. There were a few times when Ottawa had guys in the crease and the referees didn't call it. I heard a few warnings after the whistle, but if that's not going to be enough, the refs are going to have to be stricter about guys crashing the net.”
 Jose Theodore - “It was always a goal for me to play with Montreal for many years.”

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