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 Jose Theodore - “It was always a goal for me to keep playing in Montreal for many years. I said I always wanted to stay with the Canadians. I didn't want to play anywhere else.”
 Jose Theodore - “It was always a goal for me to keep playing in Montreal for many years,”
 Jose Theodore - “It's just being on the ice with as little pain as possible. I'm pushing it a little harder every time I'm out there.”
 Jose Theodore - “It was a dream come true playing here, I had a great time. The fans, teammates, everything was fun. I played for 10 years almost, which is really good, but now it's a new start. I'm going to be part of a another great organization and I'm really pleased. It's a nice city and I know a lot of the players. It's a new beginning and I only have good things to say about Montreal.”
 Jose Theodore - “It was an open net and I just dove and he hit me right in the middle of the face, ... I think we were lucky on that play.”
 Jose Theodore - “It was a fun day for everybody and the media were following us around, which is good,”
 Jose Theodore - “I remember that my mom always said, 'Put a toque on -- you're going to catch a cold.' ... So I decided to make sure she's not going to say anything when I go back home, so I put a toque on.”
 Jose Theodore - “He made a nice play, ... Good players make good moves and he made a good move.”
 Jose Theodore - “As the games went on I feel better and better. In the playoffs you need a goalie to make the big saves.”
 Nik Theodore - “Employers are often able to deter workers from contesting labor violations by threatening to turn them over to federal immigration authorities. Even when employers do not make these threats overtly, day laborers, mindful of their undocumented status, are reluctant to seek recourse through government channels. We want to change that.”
 Jose Theodore - “As a goalie, you don't look at the number of goals, you just make sure there are no weak ones,”
 Jose Theodore - “When you start you lose your focus, you don't play as well. You can't get distracted by good publicity or bad. You have to make sure you do your job and that's what he's been doing.”
 Jose Theodore - “We're a bunch of guys who never give up and work really hard. As a goalie, that's fun to see. There's extra pressure because when you are down one goal, you want to make sure you keep your team in the game and you don't want to give up that next one because they are going to find a way to score.”
 Jose Theodore - “I was looking forward to coming back on the ice here so I'm anxious to go back in Colorado and just help the team. I'm really, really pumped up and it's going to be a great challenge, and for sure I want to make sure that I show everybody that Colorado made the better move so that's the challenge that I'm looking forward to.”
 Jose Theodore - “I remember that my mom always said, 'Put a toque on -- you're going to catch a cold.' ... So I decided to make sure she's not going to say anything when I go back home, so I put a toque on.”
 Jose Theodore - “It was bad luck and even though I am very disappointed of the outcome, I can only wish that my rehab period will be as quick and short as possible.”
 Jose Theodore - “Even throughout this season I've had up and downs, ... But I feel pretty good right now. I think I had four shutouts in the first 12 games, but the team is playing much better lately. And that's a big difference why we are winning some games. The shutouts are just luck. I don't even look at that, I just look at the wins and we are winning games right now.”
 Jose Theodore - “Bigger nets Excuse my French, ... but this is bull----. That's not right. Colin is really wrong. I respect the guy, but this is not smart. I'm not saying this because I'm not a big goalie. Even if you're 6-foot-5, you're used to playing a certain way, playing your angles on the net we have now. This would change the entire game. It's ridiculous, even stupid. It's wasting energy, and it's not looking at the right places to improve the game.”
 Jose Theodore - “Some other athletes who had the same drug in their system all went on appeal because it was an Olympic year for them and they all lost. The (appeal) hearing is public, it's long, it creates some distraction for the team and we decided our priority was the NHL.”
 Nik Theodore - “The goal was to document a population that, though quite visible on the corners of U.S. cities, is poorly understood by the public and by policy makers. We hope to inform policy debates so that decision-makers can devise thoughtful and effective strategies for resolving many of the problems that day laborers face.”
 Justice Theodore - “The potential danger to the continued existence of the union rests with the adjudication of these fines.”
 Jose Theodore - “A lot of times they were making some big saves for me. It's all the credit to them. They're not scared of blocking shots. It's fun for a goalie to see guys trying to block as many shots as they can.”
 Jose Theodore - “He couldn't beat me. He came at me with his head down so I just wanted to say 'Welcome to the big boys.' I poke-checked him to say, 'You have to keep your head up.' When he came back, I thought about going out of the net and not playing into his game, but then I thought he had the courage to go on the ice, so I let him have a free shot at me.”
 Jose Theodore - “I felt really good even though we got two goals down. I felt in control. We didn't panic. I knew if we could keep going the same way we were, we'd be able to get a couple of goals.”
 Jose Theodore - “For myself, it's out of my control. I can only play my best and see what happens. Obviously I want to be part of it, that would be a great experience. But I feel like I did everything I did and I'm happy with the way I played and I'm not picked, it's up to them. I can help Montreal out by helping myself out also.”

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