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 Jose Theodore - “As a goalie, it's fun to see you're always in the game. Right now, our confidence is good, but next game we are going to have to come ready because they are going to come out strong.”
 Jose Theodore - “I thought the color looked pretty good on me but it was kind of funny to see myself with the Colorado logo beside my name.”
 Jose Theodore - “The last seven or eight games I've been feeling well. I've been trying to build on little details and make the little adjustments that allow me to make the big saves. I'm just concentrating on my stuff and the guys are taking care of the rest. It's fun to see them working hard like that.”
 Jose Theodore - “It's hard to see good things coming out. It's really tough right now. Now my priority is to heal up quickly and take care of my girlfriend who is expecting our first child.”
 Jose Theodore - “I am very excited and honored to be named to Team Canada. Any time you have the opportunity to represent your country, it is a thrill, and I'm looking forward to being a part of Team Canada at the World Cup of Hockey.”
 Jose Theodore - “He came to camp prepared and he's been playing great for us,”
 Jose Theodore - “I don't feel I have anything to hide. It's not something that I got on the black market. It was a prescription from the doctor for eight years, so I don't feel uncomfortable by anything.”
 Jose Theodore - “I know I had someone hit me on that play. Someone knocked me off balance that much I can tell you. I guess I'll see the replay later but I think as a goalie you've got to expect that when an opponent skates through the crease, the referee has to spot it and least stop the play or call a penalty for interference.”
 Jose Theodore - “Guys are not afraid of paying the price and jumping in front of shots. And a lot of times they're making some big saves for me.”
 Theodore - “The worst fear is the fear of living.”

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