My Favorite Quotes
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 Chris Therien - “The other day I came in and worked out and didn't feel particularly great. But I didn't feel as bad as I once did. I'm just going to lay low and see how things play out after the season ends. I'm just going to continue getting my rest. I just hope I'm able to continue playing next year. We'll see what happens with that. We'll see where the future takes me. I'm not sure where that is right now.”
 Chris Therien - “I've owned a couple of horses prior to Flashy Bull, but he's by far the best one. Did I ever think I'd be involved with a Kentucky Derby contender It's something you hope for but can't really expect.”
 Chris Therien - “Im good friends with a lot of the guys. You develop good relationships and you hope that it takes you somewhere. I felt like I went away for two months on vacation to Dallas, and that was it.”
 Chris Therien - “Two years ago, they wouldn't have been penalties. Now they are, so I better clean that up.”
 Chris Therien - “I can tell you that gambling was never an issue in our locker room. J.R. (Jeremy Roenick) admitted he was gambling. That guy makes a lot of money, but that doesn't make it right.”
 Chris Therien - “It was a bad break but a mistake that happened. You try to make sure it doesn't happen.”
 Chris Therien - “We've stayed with it pretty much through the whole trip, we've been consistent. We've worked hard, we came here with the attitude we wanted to keep plugging away. They got our number tonight. Give them credit, too. They play tight defense, they've been known for that for 15 years.”