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 Reggie Theus - “It's everything I thought it would be. Us winning at Pacific and Louisiana Tech winning. Fresno State played Creighton very strong. It bodes well for us in general.”
 Reggie Theus - “I'm disappointed in our energy level but I preface it by saying I thought it could happen because of the emotion we had on the road against Nevada and the big win at Utah State last week.”
 Reggie Theus - “It was a heck of a ballgame. I obviously don't like the way it ended up. I thought it was lopsided in a couple of ways.”
 Reggie Theus - “It's about rebounding. At Hawaii they beat us on the boards and I thought that was the key to this game tonight.”
 Reggie Theus - “It's disappointing for my guys. But the great thing about it is that before this season started, who would have thought that we'd be disappointed by not making the N.I.T. So the glass is definitely half full.”
 Reggie Theus - “I'm disappointed, but not angry because I thought our guys played extremely hard. We had our chances, we just did not do the things down the stretch of the game that would allow us to win the game.”
 Reggie Theus - “I dont think that our guys will ever quit in a game. Our guys have so much heart and they take it as a personal challenge to never be out-worked. I thought that we played harder and we had a chance to pull it out in their building.”
 Reggie Theus - “We took their best shot and never quit. A lot of times when a team is hitting 3-pointers, it takes the air out of you, but not these guys. It shows what kind of heart my guys have.”
 Reggie Theus - “It was a gutsy performance by my guys tonight. San Jose State played extremely well in the first half. They dominated us on the boards. We've been close so many times, and we've been growing every week, with much of the growth in the effort department. In overtime games, we've had three, and this was our first win.”
 Reggie Theus - “He can shoot, that's really the bottom line. I watched the tape probably 10 times. He had open shots, but he also had hands in his face. He knocked them all down anyway. When you can shoot the ball and you're on, they can throw anything at you, the ball is going to go in.”
 Reggie Theus - “First of all, I think that stinks, the schedule. That they (Nevada and Utah State) are travel partners stinks. They (the WAC) knew they were two of the best teams in the league.”
 Reggie Theus - “This is a great opportunity for us to potentially get what I would call an extremely quality win on the road. And a home-and-home is really great because, if we were to pick, this is a game we would try to schedule anyway. I think it's a good one, and we're looking forward to it.”
 Reggie Theus - “For me being new here, it's everything I thought it would be. It bodes well for us in general. I've heard coaches say this is the best field we've had in a number of years. I'm happy to be part of it.”
 Reggie Theus - “To best honest with you, I don't think anybody wants to play us. Our level (of play) can go from the middle to very high, depending on how we're flowing that night.”
 Reggie Theus - “He's 7 feet he's just big. Fortunately for us, he's not a great offensive player, so if you play behind him and make him take shots over the top, you have an opportunity (to rebound).”
 Reggie Theus - “You look at it. This is a big weekend for us. If we come away with a split it puts us in a good position to make some noise right at the end.”
 Reggie Theus - “I think he's a solid player he shoots the ball well for his size and goes to the hole hard. I'd like to see him put the ball on the floor a little better, but other than that, I think he's got a chance to make some money in this game.”
 Reggie Theus - “I'm not really about having to go back and play them back to back like that. From a psychological standpoint, when you have to play the two best teams in the league two weekends in a row, it can be devastating to your morale and your whole psyche. Losing against these guys is not the issue, it's the psychological effect it could have. It could have a lasting effect if you lose the majority of these games.”
 Reggie Theus - “No doubt he gave them solid minutes, which is what a sixth man is supposed to do.”
 Reggie Theus - “I think they burned us in the half court. That's where we got burned mostly.”
 Reggie Theus - “With all that happening, what cost us the game were the errors we made down the stretch. Having to play Nevada and Utah State all over again, I have to coach morale. It can affect your team psychologically.”
 Reggie Theus - “With my pedigree and the success that we had in our first year, people would constantly ask me about staying and this restructuring really shows the commitment on both ends that we are in this for the long haul.”
 Reggie Theus - “I think this is great on a couple of levels because it allows a new coach to have his entire team together and it allows you to have a choice between practices and skill development,”
 Reggie Theus - “We have guys that haven't played a game in a year, so the trip this summer will help us in a lot of ways. We'll be able to build chemistry and get some guys some much needed time on the court.”
 Reggie Theus - “But developing team chemistry is very important.”

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