My Favorite Quotes
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 Jessica Thill - “Right now our two U.S. Senators and our U.S. Congressman are all over the place in terms of what they're thinking and how they're voting on this issue. So, I would really like to see our Federal Government representation get on the same page.”
 Brent Thill - “Regardless of the outcome, we still believe Oracle's current financial health remains intact. We do not believe there are hidden accounting issues.”
 Brent Thill - “Aspect concentrates on the high-end of the market, but even at the high-end there's a number of initiatives under way by other companies.”
 Jessica Thill - “People who are against the war are being unfairly painted as against the troops, when in fact the majority of people who plan to vote yes in April very much support our troops and want them to come home safely and soon.”
 Jessica Thill - “This gives us another chance to talk about it next Tuesday. The discussion has started.”
 Brent Thill - “While losing a talented individual like Evans is not good news, we believe his departure will not have an impact on financial results and is not a leading indicator of additional departures.”
 Brent Thill - “We forecast strong spending on software applications in calendar year 2001. But the priority stack has shifted towards supply chainB2B collaboration and select areas of CRMcontent management. We believe the heavy damage is already done. While we can't call the absolute bottom, we believe we are nearing the trough.”
 Brent Thill - “Management has failed to give a consistent reason for his absence.”
 Jessica Thill - “While it is not customary, it is not forbidden for this council to provide feedback to federal officials. The cost (of the war) to the community is tremendous.”
 Brent Thill - “We believe Salesforce.com had a strong finish to their fiscal 2006, driven by robust subscriber additions in both small- and medium-sized business and enterprise customer segments.”
 Brent Thill - “The company beat our revenue expectation by 33 million, which is a huge upside surprise. All the financial metrics were extremely solid. Their balance sheet was spotless, and deferred revenue rose to 84.6 million from 46.7 million in the previous quarter, which shows that their backlog continues to strengthen.”