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 Matt Thissen - “With her talent and her academics, it was only a matter of time for Kim.”
 Matt Thissen - “Probably her most complete game she's played in her four years. The only thing she didn't do tonight was sweep the floor at halftime.”
 Matt Thissen - “It was great to see, especially on senior night. Rachel works as hard as anybody.”
 Matt Thissen - “With the timeouts we had enough time to talk them through it. I made sure to let the referees know what we were doing and to make sure he didn't let them cross the plane.”
 Matt Thissen - “The loss doesn't take away from our season. We still had a 20-win season and I can't say enough about Kim and Kelly. They both had four outstanding years. They were the hear and soul of this team.”
 Matt Thissen - “Sometimes when you watch her, you can tell she's a freshman. She can make you scratch your head. But she's such a great athlete and she loves to play against Merced.”
 Matt Thissen - “We're happy because we didn't feel we played our best over the last two games. We had a big, emotional win over Merced, but then we felt like we took a couple of steps backwards. Tonight we played with a lot of passion and a lot of desire and we ended up with a nice win.”
 Matt Thissen - “We did a lot better job of playing the pace we wanted to play. I give Kim a lot of credit for that. When we're success against Merced, it's usually a low scoring game.”
 Matt Thissen - “I've got to compliment Turlock on how their players played. They played with a lot of passion and desire and they really took the game to us.”
 Matt Thissen - “San Diego isn't a hard place to want to go to school. It's a good school. Their basketball program has been down lately, but eight years ago they were a top 25 team. Their coach left to go coach her alma mater at Ohio State. I guess she decided she liked the weather better in San Diego and now she's back.”
 Matt Thissen - “For four years, she's run our offense and we've never had to worry about that position. She's a complete basketball player.”
 Matt Thissen - “We have to play more inspired basketball. We need it from everybody, not just a couple players. It's not like we're 3-18 and trying to get the season over with. We have a lot to play for.”
 Matt Thissen - “It's a win-win situation. They're getting a heck of a player. I think Kim flew under the radar because she opted not to play travel basketball and play with her high school team. She didn't get a lot of exposure, but if you're good enough, they'll find you.”
 Matt Thissen - “It seemed like every time we got something going they had an answer.”
 Matt Thissen - “We knew we were going to rely on Kim an awful lot. To play the point guard position as hard as she did, and for as many minutes as she did, says a lot about her desire and ability to pace herself during a game.”