My Favorite Quotes
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 Eric Thode - “Tom Campbell at least has Republican credentials. Having said that, it doesn't translate into one iota of support or money. He is 100 percent absolutely unknown in this county.”
 Eric Thode - “I will happily file an affidavit saying this particular e-mail was incorrect and that is the one she used. I believe a good faith effort was made to file on time.”
 Eric Thode - “Tom DeLay remains extremely strong here in his home base. These folks have known Congressman DeLay for 25 years. They respect him, and they are not likely to be swayed by a partisan Democrat prosecutor in Austin.”
 Eric Thode - “The national media is ... clueless when it comes to knowledge about Congressional District 22 and its political makeup. Tom DeLay has been extremely attentive to the needs of District 22 since 1984. He had done a fine job for Texas and continues to do a fine job for us. So the question is not whether he wins, but how big he wins.”
 Eric Thode - “I don't think I've heard anything to that effect. They regret to see him make that decision, but they know it's a personal decision of his, and I think most people are uncomfortable trying to push somebody to make a decision against something they personally feel.”
 Eric Thode - “You went through the primary. You should have made such a decision before the primary. You were chosen by the voters, and you should stick it out. But he has to make the decision that's right for him.”
 Eric Thode - “A special election would be nothing but a freak show and a circus act.”
 Eric Thode - “The man's a fighter. I think he could have won if he'd have stayed in it. But having said that, there is something to be said for having a candidate who has no baggage heading into November. Certainly, Congressman DeLay, for a whole number of reasons, was carrying a lot of baggage.”
 Eric Thode - “Whoever were to get elected in this rushed, expensive, 20- to 30-candidate special election, they're going to serve no time to speak of, and they're going to do nothing.”