My Favorite Quotes
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 Thomas Mayer - “With recent house price developments posing a risk to future price and financial stability, we expect the ECB to continue its policy of a very gradual normalization of interest rates.”
 Thomas Mayer - “The pact has the flaw that the accused are their own judges, so they really like the defendants. The ECB is here meting out the task of dispensing justice to the private ratings agencies.”
 Thomas Mayer - “He implicitly admitted that they have a bias for a tighter policy. They believe that rates are very low and need to be higher.”
 Thomas Mayer - “The question is have they all on the ECB gone hawkish Or is there any argument on the ECB of whether we should not move If there are doves left, we are not hearing them.”
 Thomas Mayer - “The hawks got their increase of 25 basis points, and the doves got an agreement not to map out a series of increases. It is an uncomfortable situation for the bank because the hawks will keep coming back.”
 Thomas Mayer - “I don't think the ECB should go out of its way to boost the currency either verbally or through action. Their mandate is very clear, and that is to maintain price stability. To the extent that price stability is in danger they have already acted. There is no point in deviating from that strategy.”
 Thomas Mayer - “China's achievement in manned space mission proves that some of China's space technologies can be paralleled to those in western developed countries.”