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 Isiah Thomas - “As Mr. Dolan keeps reminding us, it's his money and he's comfortable with what we're doing and how we're proceeding and how we're trying to put our team together. We do have assets, our talent level is better and we have a great coach. I'm pretty positive about our future, extremely positive about our future.”
 Floyd Thomas - “I want a good future, She will bring development.”
 Bob Thomas - “We have strong information as to their clothing and we're hopeful that we will have the identification of at least one if not all six suspects in the near future.”
 Tyrus Thomas - “We have to take every opponent seriously, but we were kind of focused on playing Connecticut. You have to take every opponent seriously. These are really tougher games to get up for, because we're supposed to win these games.”
 Jeff Thomas - “It really comes down to using publicly available statistics for the games - and the names that are attached to those statistics.”
 Matt Thomas - “It's a divisional rivalry and a regional rivalry, and it's natural that things are going to heat up. The games have been very competitive.”
 David Thomas - “You know, 2 trillion is a lot. Even at his current pace, it would take Kobe Bryant more than 74 billion games to take 2 trillion shots.”
 David Thomas - “There's a reason they've won 34 games. We're a veteran team .... we'll embrace the role of underdog in their home town.”
 Bruce Thomas - “I wished we'd had a few closer games, which would have prepared us better. But we beat the teams we were expected to beat.”
 Bruce Thomas - “Going in we were concerned about not having any tough games during the regular season. We were hoping to produce enough offense to win, but it just didn't happen.”
 Lindsay Thomas - “The best thing we can do now is to own up to our mistakes and do something about them. We felt like we were playing well the last two games. Now we have to start over.”
 Isiah Thomas - “As I sit here right now, I can't say how many games we'll win or what position we'll end up in. Last season was a very unpleasant taste in my mouth and the players' mouths. They're committed to getting better, but we'll see. We just want to be better than we were last year.”
 John Thomas - “We are looking at about 300 residences. They will be a congregate of housing, townhouses, garden apartments and an assisted-living facility. On the Greenland piece, we are looking at a mixed-use commercial village with retail on the first floors and office space above.”
 Sheila Thomas - “We are very proud of him. We give God all the glory.”
 Sheray Thomas - “No one is going to try to give us a break. Everybody's got a target on us. They're going to try to blow us out.”
 Jeff Thomas - “We want to show our firefighters what they mean to us, and working to give back to them in any way we possibly can.”
 Susan Thomas - “I need people. We have a system in place. We have people who are working and working hard. It would be nice to give them a break.”
 Isiah Thomas - “We should be extremely careful not to give him something that he doesn't have and not to keep putting him in a light of a patient or someone who is sick, because doctors have cleared him and checked him out and said that he doesn't have a condition. We need to be extremely sensitive to him and not keep saying that he has this because clearly he doesn't.”
 Henry Thomas - “We talked about them all week. We knew we couldn't give them any room and we couldn't be late.”
 Peter Thomas - “Giving them the opportunities to learn that natural give and take we all need is probably very important. But I don't think you have to go out of your way.”
 Gareth Thomas - “It's been a difficult series but we didn't give up. If you look at the series as a whole we weren't the better team. The All Blacks deserved it.”
 Russ Thomas - “I am pleased that the entire Gold Standard team will continue our success in developing innovative clinical products and solutions for the healthcare industry. We look forward to a collaboration that will add value to both the Elsevier e-clinical reference information solutions and in our offerings to our collective customers.”
 Phillip Thomas - “I guess it's true -- only the good die young. Because he was a good, well-liked person.”
 Phillip Thomas - “We'll see how this plays out, like everyone else, ... These guys have done a lot of good things for the city, and we're very confident in these two projects.”
 Bryan Thomas - “I wish we could have gotten farther into the playoffs. But we got there, so that was good.”

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