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 Bob Thomason - “I've always said you might not ever see a mid-major go to the Final Four. When a mid-major wins a game, especially if it's not a good seed, if they play a powerhouse, getting to the Sweet 16 is like going to the Elite Eight. Going to the Elite Eight is like going to the Final Four, so George Mason has already won the national championship. If they win the next two games, they'll have won the world championship. They'll have to give them a gold medal.”
 Bob Thomason - “I think New Mexico State is a really good team. The way they're playing lately, this is going to be a heck of a game for us.”
 Bob Thomason - “If they beat us, they'll probably have the league pretty well in hand.”
 Jiggs Thomason - “Heaven forbid. We've never had that situation before. We will need to address that with the drivers and see how they want to handle it.”
 Bob Thomason - “I won't know if it was a foul until I see it. I hope it was a good foul and not one of those other kinds of fouls.”
 Connie Thomason - “The Special Olympics is for anyone ages 8 to 99 and it's not too late for them to turn in their entry form.”
 Bob Thomason - “He's a role player on our team, but I think sometimes he limits his role more than he should.”
 Bob Thomason - “We really didn't deserve to win. We just didn't have great emotion and we had all week to get ready for this game. I'm amazed. I thought we were going to be excited.”
 Bob Thomason - “I thought Christian was really a great player tonight. He was real aggressive, real active and real focused on what he had to do.”
 Bob Thomason - “I thought they were supposed to pick teams, not conferences. Last year, the Big West got two (berths) because we deserved to go and Utah State won the tournament. This year, they were almost over fair. Utah State and Air Force had to be bubble teams, and if you have four or five bubble teams, you pick two and two or three don't get in. Cincinnati should have gotten in, but Syracuse ended up winning the (Big East) tournament. The Big East still got eight teams in. Cincinnati kicked itself out.”
 Bob Thomason - “I thought this was the first game all year that I thought we deserved to win. I thought we did a great job. I think we brought our toughness to the table, and we just had a few things slip through our fingers.”
 Bob Thomason - “I thought this was the first game all year we deserved to win and didn't.”
 Mary Thomason - “I thought going in that we could finish in second place but we didn't shoot as well as we had been.”
 Bob Thomason - “There are always good players out there. You just have to be in the right place at the right time.”
 Mary Thomason - “We'd definitely like to repeat as state champs. I think we have the talent to do it, but it's hard to tell when you're scrimmaging against yourself all the time.”
 Connie Thomason - “Sometimes this is the only time where these kids are recognized as a winner and actually have activities that are geared for them.”
 Bob Thomason - “With all the information we have, it's something that can be handled pretty simply, and he won't be out a very long time.”
 Bob Thomason - “It's not like they've been losing a lot, and we got after them. I love that. I was looking to see if we were going to be tentative or aggressive, and I was happy to see us being aggressive. I hope we see the same thing (today).”
 Mary Thomason - “Sharpe has been playing well and has been consistently shooting in the low 50s all year. That was the boost that we needed today.”
 Bob Thomason - “Sometimes Christian's our scoring leader, but tonight he wasn't. Tomorrow, that will be your job, Christian.”
 Mary Thomason - “I'm glad we pulled this one out. We were 48-of-60 serving, which was uncharacteristic of our team. We're not quite in sync right now. We're making a lot of errors on the floor. But I'm happy we got the victory.”
 Bob Thomason - “Mike is bringing consistency to his position. He's been a little more aggressive of late and, hopefully, it continues because it's been fun to watch.”
 Mary Thomason - “Overall, scores were higher than I thought. I'm proud of both Haley and Kari. Now we finally have one who has advanced to state. Let's hope the weather will be a little better.”
 Bob Thomason - “They're in really, really good shape, but what we have to worry about is playing well. This is a big week for us, too, because two wins would put us in a situation where we're competing for the league championship.”
 Bob Thomason - “Our guys are hungry to prove people wrong. This team has taken a lot of flak. Everywhere you turn, people are questioning how well this team can come around. I just said, 'Give it time. Give it time.' Well, here we are, and whatever happens the rest of the year, I'm going to be proud of this team.”

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