My Favorite Quotes
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 Dennis Thompson - “I've apologized for my remark even though it may have been an accurate characterization of a remark I've made. I've apologized for that, and we'll hopefully deal with it at some point in the future,”
 Ted Thompson - “We feel very good about our future going forward.”
 Alan Thompson - “I would expect that most of them will be swimming quicker now than they were a month ago because they are close to tapering for the Commonwealth Games trials.”
 David Thompson - “It was bound to happen. That game I had was still one of the best games in NBA history in terms of scoring and excitement of the game. You can't diminish that game by what somebody else does. You can only congratulate him.”
 Scott Thompson - “He was our leader. He had the special quality that made those around him elevate their games.”
 Mike Thompson - “It was real, real emotional in the locker room. I've never seen coach Alvarez so happy. We're young but I think he knows we're going to win some more big games down the road.”
 Paul Thompson - “We're a good shooting team, normally. We had a stretch there were we didn't shoot well, but we've had two games in a row now where we have proven to ourselves that we can shoot.”
 Tim Thompson - “I told the girls that we have got to treat each of the next seven games as our district.”
 Cliff Thompson - “The last 10 games of the season, he really turned it on and just really got it.”
 Jeremy Thompson - “I've been looking forward to having eight to 10 sacks, something like that. And the goal as a team is just to win games, go to a bowl game and just play as good as I can.”
 Katie Thompson - “We've got some big games in front of us. The games will teach us where we have to get to.”
 Lance Thompson - “I don't know what happened the last games. I don't know if we were tired or what.”
 Jeff Thompson - “After (Friday's) game, we'll have played more games at West Perry than we have at home.”
 Jeremy Thompson - “We think we have a lot of talent on this team, so you would think we'd win more games. We think it's positive pressure.”
 Jeremy Thompson - “All I remember is going to his games and sleeping. Big crowds, too.”
 Jack Thompson - “They took that affidavit and went to the homes of some of the suspects and found some of the games I suggested they would find.”
 Mark Thompson - “That's just part of how this generation has been raised. You add a 40,000 price tag for a school like Colgate, and you have high expectations for what you get.”
 Robert Thompson - “Cool is certainly a charter member for the slang hall of fame. Cool just sits back and keeps getting used generation after generation and lets the whole history of the language roll off its back.”
 Robert Thompson - “It's the only television entity of any kind that ever had a generation named after it,”
 Dick Thompson - “During SARS, we worked like hell to contain a global outbreak. Now we're trying to feel our way through this next generation of problems.”
 Gary Thompson - “I learned he was one of the gentlemen of the game. He was a good example to the kids he coached.”
 Robert Thompson - “Interviewed after their transformation the girl said she still liked them but only as much as she did before.”
 Judy Thompson - “This is a girl who wants to do things herself, who after everything she went through wouldn't even take the government's money. It is the least I could do for her.”
 Catrina Thompson - “We have had an awesome year in doubles and are hoping we don't drop the point this whole season. If one team has an off day, we have two others that give our opponents difficult doubles matches.”
 Barksdale Thompson - “Sarah was on the other side of the field when she passed that ball to me. She's a good passer. You've always got to be alert because, if you're open, she'll give you the ball.”

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