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 Shona Thorburn - “How many assists do I have, 600 or something I think 590 were to her. I think Kim and I have a very good playing relationship. We have a knack for knowing where each other will be. She knows I'm going to try to throw her the ball. She's expecting them from me. She's an amazing cutter and obviously a great shooter.”
 Shona Thorburn - “I'm really excited about what I see, and who I have around me. We have a good base and understanding of what we are doing. We might be young, but we are educated and have a lot of game behind us.”
 Shona Thorburn - “I am so excited I am going to a team that I can contribute to and learn from.”
 Shona Thorburn - “I think I'm still in shock. It's a little surreal right now. I'm just so excited. I thought it was a possible chance that I would go early, but I was up against some other very good point guards in Nikki Blue, Megan Duffy, Erin Grant. So you really don't know until your name's called.”
 Shona Thorburn - “What a time to get it.”
 Chris Thorburn - “Every time we came back and got a goal, we had mental breakdowns.”
 Shona Thorburn - “It will be interesting to see what happens. It would be nice to have that many people on your side for a change.”
 Shona Thorburn - “We were so excited backstage. Yeah, it did feel kind of like Academy Awards night.”
 Shona Thorburn - “I feel blessed to be in this situation. Who wouldn't want to pass it to her She's going to make me look good.”
 Shona Thorburn - “She's a great player. She'd just elevate right over you and make those shots. She's just a junior and she is going to be an amazing player next year.”
 Shona Thorburn - “I had the two biggest free throws of my life, and, you know, I tied the game. We have run that play before and it worked. We got what we wanted.”
 Shona Thorburn - “It doesn't put too much pressure on us. We don't have to win. We've already exceeded everyone's expectations. It doesn't change how we go out. We'll just go out and play 40 minutes. That's all you can really ask of each other.”
 Shona Thorburn - “We're obviously still the underdog. We don't have to win. We've already exceeded everyone's expectations, but it doesn't change how we're going to go out and play.”
 Shona Thorburn - “I just hope they don't boo. But it would be awesome to have all those fans behind you. We've never had anything like that. It always amazes me to play in The Pit and see all those fans.”
 Shona Thorburn - “After watching them play so well against Ohio State, we're not any more excited (to play a lower seed). Whether we're playing a No. 8 seed or a No. 1, it doesn't make a difference.”
 Shona Thorburn - “We've never been there before so I'm not sure what it feels like to be there. We started conference play 0-2 and things weren't looking good. We've come so far since January as a team and individuals.”
 Shona Thorburn - “For the past few games we've been playing like it's our last game. This isn't going to be any different.”
 Shona Thorburn - “Thank you for believing in us when the rest of the country didn't. We did it together, we stuck together, we got through stuff that teams would have never gotten through, and I think that shows what kind of character we have.”
 Shona Thorburn - “We had confidence in that we knew we would get open looks if we ran our offense right. We just had to make some defensive stops and we did that.”
 Chris Thorburn - “We have a lot of guys that haven't (ever) missed the playoffs. We have a lot of experience. We have no choice but to win all our games.”
 Shona Thorburn - “We'll need to take care of the ball. Collectively, they're good at team defense and creating turnovers.”
 Shona Thorburn - “Taking care of the ball is very important, and from what we've seen they've caused quite a few turnovers and trouble for other teams. It's going to be key for us to take care of the ball against the full-court press that they're likely to put on.”
 Shona Thorburn - “We need to take care of the ball. From what we've seen, their press can cause a lot of turnovers. We need to take care of the ball and keep moving it around.”
 Shona Thorburn - “I really think I'm going to a team that I can contribute to, learn a lot from and just have a good time and win some basketball games.”
 Shona Thorburn - “Kim can score from anywhere. She gets a lot of attention but can still shake off double teams to make huge shots. I set the school record for assists and most of them have to be to her. If you get her the ball, she finishes.”

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