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 Al Thornton - “I feel the team as a whole realizes how important this is, getting these home games and try to put ourselves in a good position so we can get an NCAA Tournament bid.”
 Scott Thornton - “We've had games in hand all season it seems like. It's nice to have games in hand, but it's tough to evaluate where you are.”
 Joe Thornton - “We've been trying to set a tone for last forty games. We've been hunting teams down the last forty games. We know what is at stake. We have to win every game to be in the playoffs. Really, every game has been a playoff game for us for so long, and we've been playing real well lately.”
 Brian Thornton - “I think it's become a sense of desperation to some extent. We know that when we play games like Charlotte - we have another game coming up against a physical team in UC who does a good job on the boards - if we don't rebound the ball well, we're not going to win.”
 Brian Thornton - “Josh did a great job tonight, but it's not just tonight. He's done well the last several games and in practice. When Josh is playing well, it gives us a lot of versatility. When Josh is hitting shots and doing a great job on the boards, it gives us a lot more options.”
 Brian Thornton - “I don't know if it was a pride thing it was a sense of desperation. We knew we'd play games against Charlotte and we knew we have another game coming up against a physical team in UC. If you don't rebound the ball, you're not going to get a win.”
 Brian Thornton - “We can be hopeful that we have a game on Wednesday so that we can go out and play again. We have eight more games to go. We don't want to go out like this.”
 Robert Thornton - “I heard about it (garden) but you can't imagine it until you see it.”
 Bubba Thornton - “When you look at some of the gentlemen who've owned that record it's pretty awesome, pretty awesome stuff.”
 Al Thornton - “We have a very athletic team and I feel like athletic teams give Duke problems.”
 Matt Thornton - “I respect what he's done in this game. He's a great guy. You see him as being so fierce and intense, but when you talk to him one-on-one, you see what a great guy he is. He said this is his way to give back to the game, his way to give back to other players. It was something that superstars in his day, who he watched and admired, did for him.”
 Joe Thornton - “Jonathan is a great shooter. It just kind of took a practice to know where to give him the puck on the pass. But it's been instant. He's a pure goal-scorer.”
 Joe Thornton - “We've done it all year long, we never give up and just keep coming back.”
 Mike Thornton - “We had a long talk after the season was over and talked about how we finished a little short of our goals. It became a reality to them and I think (the win over Highland) was a good start to the tournament to get another win under our belts.”
 Joe Thornton - “It's nice to see some funny goals. That's what happens when you shoot the puck.”
 Joe Thornton - “We played really well five on five. We got a couple of goals five on five, and we looked sharp. We just took some dumb penalties in the offensive zone that we shouldn't have taken. It took away the momentum.”
 Joe Thornton - “We're not going to win too many games if we let them have four power-play goals. We've got to do a better job of blocking shots.”
 Joe Thornton - “I think if we just stay out of the penalty box, we have a good team five-on-five. I felt comfortable. It was just nice to be on the ice with the boys again.”
 Joe Thornton - “Punting was good until that fumble.”
 Doug Thornton - “I think it could be a symbol perhaps of the rebuilding of New Orleans. There are a lot of good memories in the dome too.”
 Joe Thornton - “Cheech has got the hot hand now. We've definitely got to feed him, because he's throwing them into the back of the net.”
 Marcus Thornton - “We had 37 fouls, 25 of them were legitimate. Some of the fouls, we didn't even touch them. You have to hand it to Angelina though, they played a good game.”
 Joe Thornton - “Cheech has the hot hand right now. I haven't seen anybody like that, to be honest with you. He's a great player.”
 Joe Thornton - “He has the hot hand right now and you definitely have to feed him because he's throwing them all in the back of the net.”
 Brian Thornton - “We kind of have the Cincinnati game hanging over us for part of the New Year. Now we can focus on competing and trying to win a conference championship.”

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