My Favorite Quotes
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 Scott Thorson - “I had to give away all my Florida clothing to my dad. I can't be seen with that anymore.”
 Kristina Thorson - “She'll laser one into the dugout. In Hawaii, she did it five times in one at-bat. The fence is 3 feet tall, and we're sitting under it to protect ourselves. She has so much power, you don't have time to react.”
 Kristina Thorson - “Last year I had a shoulder injury, so I had to change my motion over the summer so it wouldn't hurt. But (yesterday) I went back to my old motion and I felt like myself again. I was getting more snap and power on the ball. Plus, I haven't done well in the last couple of weekends, so I felt like I had to prove myself in this one.”
 Kristina Thorson - “There were definitely some people crying. I was fighting tears on and off all day. After playing with these people for so many years, we're never going to play with them again, and I think that's the biggest reason people were crying.”
 Scott Thorson - “It's like your own opinion. It's pretty cool you can say what you need to say.”
 Claes Thorson - “Our last request was suspended by the State Department until further notice.”
 Dave Thorson - “We're very proud of our tradition. I had 20 to 30 former players call encouraging us to carry on the torch. I let our kids know the opportunity at hand to make so many people proud.”
 Dave Thorson - “St. Thomas made a great adjustment in the spacing of their offense at the start of the second half. But I was really proud of our kids, because they recognized what was happening, and they made exactly the defensive adjustments they needed to make.”
 Dave Thorson - “I think our pressure wore on them. We tried to put pressure on the perimeter and make it tough to get it to (Johnson). Then we fronted him and came with a double-team.”
 Dave Thorson - “No doubt offense sells the tickets, but defense wins the championships.”
 Dave Thorson - “Offense sells tickets. Defense wins championships.”
 Dave Thorson - “No doubt offense sells the tickets, but defense wins the championships.”
 Dave Thorson - “One thing I'm really proud of with this team is that our kids don't let their offense affect the way they play defense. Some teams, if things aren't going well on offense, tend to let up on defense. But we don't, and you could see that today.”
 Claes Thorson - “As far as I know, it's still on the ground, We are ready to send our things. We know they are needed, but what seems to be a problem is getting all these offers into the country.”
 Kristina Thorson - “My body was just exhausted from the heat. Just playing in the World Series you have a lot of extra adrenaline anyway and my body just wasn't working the way I needed it to. My ball wasn't moving and I didn't want to hang the ball for them to hit.”