My Favorite Quotes
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 Sebastian Thrun - “We have done the impossible. People said 'Give up it's not possible', but we did it.”
 Sebastian Thrun - “It might fundamentally alter the way we use our highways and save trillions of dollars.”
 Sebastian Thrun - “This car, to me, is really a piece of history.”
 Sebastian Thrun - “The impossible has been achieved.”
 Sebastian Thrun - “The potential here is enormous. Autonomous vehicles will be as important as the Internet.”
 Sebastian Thrun - “It's kind of like if you had challenged people to fly across the Atlantic, and instead of one guy making it, just Lindbergh, you had five guys flying across at the same time.”
 Sebastian Thrun - “It is only a matter of time until consumers have self-driving cars.”
 Sebastian Thrun - “The truth is, we were lucky to win, and Red could have easily won.”
 Sebastian Thrun - “Any vision that we have for self-driving cars must address driving in traffic.”
 Sebastian Thrun - “The next big milestone we are heading for now is proving self-driving is possible in traffic. Our goal at Stanford is to be able, within the next two years, to drive from downtown San Francisco to downtown Los Angeles with 100 percent autonomy--without any human intervention whatsoever.”
 Sebastian Thrun - “It's a no-brainer that 50 to 60 years from now, cars will drive themselves,”
 Sebastian Thrun - “Extrapolate two, three or four years out, and then let your imagination play.”
 Sebastian Thrun - “If it was only for the military, I wouldn't be here today.”
 Sebastian Thrun - “I honestly believe that the impact of this and other things related to self-driving cars could turn out to be more fundamental to mankind than the invention of the internet,”
 Sebastian Thrun - “The problem with cars now is that they spend the vast majority of their time parked in the wrong location so they cannot be used by other drivers,”
 Sebastian Thrun - “It won't be a very fast drive going from San Francisco to Los Angeles it might just drive 55 mph, it won't go 90 like everybody else does in California.”
 Sebastian Thrun - “It looks like a piece of cake.”
 Sebastian Thrun - “The military are interested in more potent weapons, and by itself that's a bad answer.”
 Sebastian Thrun - “None of us think about a world where all the cars are automated all the time. It could take society 20 years to adopt the technology.”
 Sebastian Thrun - “In the past, someone would look at a problem, write some code, test it, improve it by hand, test it again and so on. The problem is, software is becoming larger and larger and less and less manageable. So there's a trend to make software that can adapt itself. This is a really big item for the future.”