My Favorite Quotes
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 Llewellyn Thunder - “He knows that his dreams are gone.”
 Rico Thunder - “I think the important thing is real chilling for free speech. After all, this is just a parade. But if you're involved in anti-recruitment or anti-war or any group doing anything important in town that you know you're secure from police invading your private homes.”
 Rico Thunder - “In no way did they indicate that they were police. They came off as just a couple of local surfer dudes.”
 Llewellyn Thunder - “Couldn't be more prouder of him.”
 Llewellyn Thunder - “Nobody knows what it's like to sit here day in and day out, and night after night, and have to sleep ... anticipate your son waking up in the middle of the night and having a seizure. The next seizure might be the one that's going to send him out to the no man's land.”
 Llewellyn Thunder - “It's going to be hard for the rest of our lives, because it's something we have to live with.”
 Rico Thunder - “Since 911, we've created a culture in which security is more important than liberty. The NSA is tapping your phone calls and email. The Pentagon is infiltrating your peace march. Actions at the federal level have a trickle down effect that has emboldened local law enforcement. When the president says 'Safety at any cost,' local cops take that to heart.”
 Rico Thunder - “If you think you have to be doing something wrong to be the target of police surveillance, you are naive. All we are doing is organizing an event for the entire community.”
 Llewellyn Thunder - “Our life is taking care of him. That's what it's all about now.”
 Llewellyn Thunder - “It's turned into our number-one priority, taking care of Steven.”