My Favorite Quotes
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 Eric Thurston - “They played very well, they're a very good team, they're very well-coached. We had to try and shut their big line down. We were able to do that and get a few goals of our own.”
 Eric Thurston - “Saskatchewan has a very good program and they have a tremendous team this year. They have nine tremendous forwards and two very good goalies, so it'll be a good test for us.”
 Jill Thurston - “I've waited a long time to go as a player, and I'm very excited. And I'm very excited to go with these girls.”
 Tom Thurston - “He had such an unique way of expressing himself. He was almost like a W.C. Fields at times. He would sit down in a room and absolutely dominate it, just because of the way that he talked with a sense of humor. I thought to myself, I want to try to capture that. That was how I tried to do it with the first person narrative.”
 Eileen Thurston - “I have to carry my best times sheet with me all the time. After every event the kids are asking me if I they had beaten their best time, so I have to be ready. And most of the time they are beating their previous best.”
 Eric Thurston - “We put our trust in our key guys and they did the job again.”
 Jill Thurston - “It's good we're playing each other off the hop and kind of get it out of the way, so to speak. Then, move on and get into your own little thing without having to worry about your other competitors.”
 Eileen Thurston - “We were able to use our divers in swimming events and it turned out each of them can help us as swimmers, so we're not complaining. I told the kids it was disappointing they couldn't dive, but here was another opportunity for them. I also reminded them that they are all sophomores and they have plenty of time to work and get better.”
 Lou Thurston - “I don't recall one case in Newport News since I've been here (for the past four years).”
 Eric Thurston - “If teams are going to be aggressive against us, we want to make them pay.”
 Jill Thurston - “It doesn't bother us to go in on a loss. I mean, we played great that game. It went into an extra end, and Lois made a great shot to win.”
 Eric Thurston - “When we were there at the beginning of the year, they handed it to us pretty good. We have to make sure we come out, play well and play smart. We have to be very strong in our own end. Defensive zone coverage is going to be key.”
 Tom Thurston - “They had it in the stores in Vancouver for a while, and they were hoping it was going to catch on, but it sold a few and then didn't. They still play it in Vancouver every Christmas, the radio stations, as a tribute I guess.”
 Eric Thurston - “We knew they were going to be a tough team to play against. We respected their team chemistry, their team speed, the way they move the puck. They were very much a reflection of our team.”
 Eileen Thurston - “The kids are already looking forward to next year. They're talking about swim camp and how they'll be better prepared for next season. They're very excited.”
 Tom Thurston - “I had a race plan that I had put together sitting on the couch at home. At that point I was three hours ahead of where I thought I would be.”
 Tom Thurston - “I think what the book was trying to do was show the extent to which Doug was disgusted with it. It just didn't fit in. I guess disgusted isn't the word. He just didn't seem to fit. He had a good time. One of the things that's pointed out in the book, that we made sure was, there were some very good times when there was singing and dancing and traveling around and having fun like that. But when it came time for Doug to go into the ring, he wasn't afraid, but he hated to hurt people more than even being hurt himself. He just found it repulsive. He just did not want to be a part of causing pain to anyone. He was completely non-violent -- and huge and strong.”