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 David Thurtell - “There's a little bit of dollar weakness, and that's giving gold a lift.”
 David Thurtell - “A few more refineries going on scheduled maintenance and a tapering off on imports will bring stock levels back to that seen about a year ago.”
 David Thurtell - “From his language he recognizes that while higher prices are good for revenues in the short run, longer term they help destroy demand. OPEC is probably going to increase by 1 million barrels a day.”
 David Thurtell - “The Nigerians indicated capacity could be back on line next week. That's could, not will, and the reality is we could be missing those half million barrels for some time yet.”
 David Thurtell - “Rising U.S. (crude) stocks could put a bit of pressure on prices, but I suspect we are at the time when stocks will stop rising and will start falling soon.”
 David Thurtell - “The market is expecting another significant jump in U.S. stocks later today, and this focus has pushed geopolitical uncertainties off to the side, for now at least.”
 David Thurtell - “Oil could ease back a bit today, though the hurricane season runs into November so we're not out of the woods yet. Asian demand is still pretty strong, so we're likely to see some buying if it goes much below 60.”
 David Thurtell - “There was more relief in Asian trade today that Hurricane Wilma seems to be staying out of the way of Gulf facilities.”
 David Thurtell - “The stocks numbers are extremely bearish. You wouldn't want to be short though. You've just got to watch what's going on with Iran.”
 David Thurtell - “I think we'll stay in a 58 to 66 range for the next couple of months. If prices get too weak OPEC, will just cut back.”
 David Thurtell - “All we need is a bit of a cold snap and suddenly it could easily push back up. We're still in that lull period where the summer driving season is over but we haven't hit peak winter demand.”
 David Thurtell - “In my view, prices had probably gone down too far, especially with peak demand winter season looming.”
 David Thurtell - “Provided we don't get any disruptions to supply, it looks like prices could have short-term weakness. But if we get a much colder winter, it could send prices into the sixties range again.”
 David Thurtell - “Peak demand for winter fuel in the northern hemisphere is what is going to be driving oil prices in the fourth-quarter.”
 David Thurtell - “The worry is that if prices come off a bit, demand will rebound and we've still got to deal with the Northern Hemisphere winter.”
 David Thurtell - “There's just been too much disruption to too many parts of the whole supply chain. There's a worry that it's going to take longer to get things back.”
 David Thurtell - “We're at the lowest available output I've seen in maintenance season for some years.”
 David Thurtell - “We're at the lowest available output I've seen in maintenance season for some years. There's a cleaner fuels impact and then other work was delayed after last year's hurricanes when supplies were short.”
 David Thurtell - “It looks now as if Rita is not going to go through the main refinery region. Because all these plants have closed for precautionary reasons there have been problems with gasoline supply, which drove prices higher yesterday. Still, it looks as if there's not going to be so much damage to the bigger refining sites.”
 David Thurtell - “People are reacting to these higher prices.”
 David Thurtell - “Iran will take the nuclear situation to the wire, making the market nervous. It will wax and wane diplomatically and they'll extract a price before agreeing to any deal with the west.”
 David Thurtell - “While Iran said last week that it would separate nuclear and oil as issues, it was only last year that it warned that oil could be used as a weapon to get its own way on the nuclear issues.”
 David Thurtell - “Iran seems determined to take the nuclear fuel issue to the wire.”
 David Thurtell - “I think this demand-destruction idea is being a bit overdone at the moment. The stocks numbers were very bearish, but I think that it's still difficult to read through a lot of this data noise.”
 David Thurtell - “The market is very vulnerable to a supply shock like this. This news will push up prices when trading starts tomorrow.”

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