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 David Thwaites - “As far as European companies are concerned, the United States is still the place to buy companies and to get long- and medium-term growth. What you've got is a utility in the U.K. that is very much constrained by government price caps and regulations and is looking to expand into freer and faster-growing areas and it's clearly looking at the U.S. This is the third deal they've done in the States and I think it's a good one.”
 David Thwaites - “I thought we would have been lower -- maybe the U.S. will follow Europe higher. I don't think there's a fundamental reason for it, other than what's going on in the banking sector.”
 David Thwaites - “I suspect it's going to be a fairly weaker open. Stocks are still looking for direction in Europe -- there are no big macro drivers today.”
 David Thwaites - “I think there are worries about key economic data coming out today and the rest of the week, which is taking the focus off the recovery that is supposedly occurring.”
 David Thwaites - “I think there are a few second thoughts (like) 'Maybe the economy is a little weaker than people thought and 'Why did the Fed cut rates'. There's a holiday in the U.S. Monday. I think (the market) is going to be pretty subdued.”
 David Thwaites - “I would hope that we could sustain the bounce we had yesterday (Tuesday), with the good news from Dell. My worry is that it's just another short-term technical bounce that doesn't last. My suspicion is we'll take profits.”
 David Thwaites - “It's a familiar story. The market is trying to build a floor but the news flow on the corporate side isn't consistently good enough to build a rally.”
 David Thwaites - “There's relief that there hasn't been any particularly bad news out of the United States, but the focus remains on earnings, both there and in Europe.”
 David Thwaites - “The background news isn't that good with Iraq and corporate news isn't that positive, so it's probably a good reason for people to step back. We've also got technical things going on pushing things all over the place.”
 David Thwaites - “The first quarter should mark the trough in earnings, but judging by the market's negative reaction to recent warnings from the likes of IBM, there's little room for disappointment.”
 David Thwaites - “My feeling is that the actual numbers will be OK, but that there'll still be a lack of confidence about where we go from here over the next six to 12 months. Generally, we're still likely to continue grinding sideways to lower, although at the moment it's looking like its more lower than sideways.”
 David Thwaites - “Reality bites. Micron underlines that despite the market run-up recently, there's still no confidence about growth and earnings.”
 David Thwaites - “From an operational perspective we need to see signs the company is coping well in this difficult environment, and if that is the case that could set the market up for a good day on Tuesday. If not, then the opposite could happen.”
 David Thwaites - “I expect a fairly calm open, maybe slightly softer. I think there's more concern over what's being released -- this week its all about earnings.”
 David Thwaites - “I think we're going to be marking time ahead of the economic numbers Thursday and Friday. I think it will be a fairly mediocre open and I wouldn't expect the markets to do very much today.”
 David Thwaites - “Markets are subdued ahead of the Fed (U.S. Federal Reserve) meeting on Tuesday. It's not clear what the Fed's intentions are.”