My Favorite Quotes
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 Mark Tiby - “As the point guard, other teams look toward that girl. You want to have someone trustworthy and responsible at that position.”
 Mark Tiby - “We didn't want to press them early because they're quick, but we thought late in the game we could pick them up.”
 Mark Tiby - “The last three weeks, every game has been like this. We've had a small lead, had to run our delay game, and make free throws.”
 Mark Tiby - “She probably did as much off the court as she did on the court. She has one speed, as fast as she could go all of the time.”
 Mark Tiby - “We knew something would fall in our favor. We went to Johnston, got the upset win and went from there. One little thing turned our whole season around. It helped our confidence and the kids played more consistent.”
 Mark Tiby - “It's probably the best second half of the year that we have played. Since it is only the third game with the lineup as we have it, that was a big step forward. We basically started over at Christmas. I think as soon as we get over that hump and get a little experience playing together and a rotation pattern set, the wins will come a lot easier for us and we will have a really strong finish to the season.”
 Mark Tiby - “There was nothing that we did that lost us the game. We did a lot of things well. Ankeny probably got a better shot in the second overtime. One good shot that got them the lead. It's always a chess match in overtime. Making that first basket is always easier to play on.”
 Mark Tiby - “This time of year practice can be a drag, but we just bought some enthused practice time for the next week.”