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 Mike Tice - “The quarterback's legs look like they are fresh and he's gotten over, for the most part, that nagging knee that has been bugging him over the course of the first three or four games,”
 John Curtice - “People like Simon Hughes are still burdened by the mores of the generation they grew up in.”
 Doug Justice - “Hopefully, we'll give them something to be excited about.”
 Mike Tice - “That'll give us all a good taste in our mouths when we leave the building on Monday afternoon.”
 Jason Tice - “The game with La Junta is going to be key one. If they play well and beat us, La Junta earns a playoff spot. We've got to be ready because we want the top seed and that's one of our goals.”
 Mike Tice - “Keith plays special teams, he plays linebacker, he plays rush defensive end. We have a 3-4 package that we named after him. He can rush the passer, he is doing a real good job playing coverage. ... Those are the kind of players that you need to win.”
 Mike Tice - “Potentially, yes, because we have so many young stallions. And now we have some guys who can teach them how to be pros. That's the key. We've got plenty of young stallions, I promise you. Look at our roster. But we needed some veterans to show them how to be good pros. We've got some of those guys now.”
 Tony Prentice - “Chris Low's match was a nice win. He beat a good wrestler. At 119, Neal West had another good match against a solid wrestler.”
 Mike Tice - “I've never felt this good about our depth at cornerback,”
 Mike Tice - “I've never felt this good about our depth at cornerback.”
 Mike Tice - “Rod is a really good run stopper, ... Playing against a run team, Rod is going to be in his element. If Rod had to start, this is the perfect type of team for Rod to start against.”
 Mike Tice - “I was like, 'I guess that means everything's OK, ... And I'll tell you as a coach, when your kicker clanks the field goal, walks up and winks at you, you feel pretty good about it. I really like Paul. I think he is doing a great job.”
 Richard Stice - “I was surprised by the disappointing forecast for 2006. I expected 5 percent revenue growth.”
 Mike Tice - “He looks to me to be in better rhythm than he was earlier in his career. That's part of the growth. He seems to have a grasp of the offense.”
 Mike Tice - “Any sucker can pilot the ship when everything's smooth and the sun's out and you've got a pia colada in your hand with sunglasses and a Cuban (cigar),”
 Mike Tice - “I sold some of my tickets this year. I did. I told the league that and I told team owner Red McCombs that. I'm not going to lie. But if I'm going to be thrown out this year for selling tickets, then I'm a scapegoat. If I'm guilty of anything, I'm guilty of selling some of my tickets. I am not guilty of buying any player tickets since I've been made the head coach in January 2002.”
 Mike Tice - “Vikings head coach Mike Tice made his most telling comment yet regarding his inclination to remain with Minnesota. This is my team, ... We've got a mission, and we're going to stay on our paths.”
 George Prentice - “When a young man complains that a young lady has no heart, it's pretty certain that she has his”
 Mark Vortice - “It breaks my heart because she could have been my niece.”
 Mike Tice - “He's got a history, and we know him. The tough thing is going to be how many receivers am I going to keep Do we keep five, do we keep six Do we even think about keeping seven I don't know, but certainly that's going to play into it more than anything.”
 Mike Tice - “Let's talk about Chicago. It's Friday. It's been a long week, very emotionally drained. I hope you can appreciate that.”
 Sen. Prentice - “Sure, it's essential I believe because it is one of these economic stimulants. There are so many areas in our state that we ought to be able to promote. I think they probably haven't come at us with much oomph either or it's been the same old message, but I've always been very receptive to the whole idea of tourism.”
 Marshall Prentice - “Trends in January and February are notoriously bad at predicting upcoming activity. Is the market taking a breather Or is it starting to tumble It's impossible to say, there's nothing really ominous in the numbers, but we won't know for another couple of months.”
 John Curtice - “If they could get the institutions up and running properly before Blair resigns then Northern Ireland will go down as a positive -- he can tick it off as one of the big political issues he did get sorted out.”
 Jeff Justice - “You have to do what's in your client's best interest and no one else's.”

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