My Favorite Quotes
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 Elyce Kastigar - “Unfortunately, Nikki was competing when her health was not very good yet but still put out a good race.”
 Elyce Kastigar - “Emily's time is extremely fast. Fallon swam her fastest time of the season and had a good race.”
 Elyce Kastigar - “It seems like every time she swims that race she sets a record.”
 Michael Tigar - “I have never seen defendants in a major public trial, especially a white-collar trial, so completely ostracized by witnesses with pertinent information,”
 Michael Tigar - “We'll wait until the process is completed, The verdict speaks for itself.”
 Michael Tigar - “And to stress not just the right of every person to counsel, but to raise issues about how the government treats people that it suspects of having done something wrong. I think that's the most important thing that a lawyer can do, and I've been lucky enough to be involved in cases where those issues were right at the surface.”
 Michael Tigar - “They want all 12 of you to sign a paper that says one morning, or afternoon, they will get Terry Nichols and kill him. We say that there are lots of reasons why all 12 of you should not sign such a paper.”
 Elyce Kastigar - “The swimmers are excited to perform at home and have family and friends see them at the state level. This meet will require many volunteer hours and our team is excited and preparing to host a great event.”
 Michael Tigar - “The court affirmed the idea of a vigorous public forum, and that's what's refreshing. The opinion sounds these First Amendment themes. The message is If you don't like something, there is always more speech.”
 Elyce Kastigar - “The time standards for this meet are much greater than the sectional meet. Emily continues to step up to achieve greater time standards which allows her more opportunities to swim with other swimmers across the country.”
 Elyce Kastigar - “Andy has a focus on improving as an overall athlete. He has focused on improving the technical aspects that will affect his performance in the pool. Andy has had to use the clock to push himself. I compliment him on this difficult task for a long season.”
 Elyce Kastigar - “I hope that residents of Aberdeen and surrounding areas will come watch South Dakota's best competition of swimmers and see what competitive swimming is about. People across the state are excited to compete in Aberdeen's new pool.”
 Dottie Kastigar - “You wouldn't believe how common it is for us to hear about people sleeping in their cars in parking lots. Of course, those people are really hard to track down.”
 Elyce Kastigar - “They gave out cash prizes to the pro swimmers. There were Olympic athletes and college ones. They were from all over. They were high-caliber athletes.”
 Michael Tigar - “You all heard Terry Nichols say in a clear, strong voice 'I am innocent,'”
 Elyce Kastigar - “Emily did not swim her fastest times but qualifying for the finals is a great achievement.”