My Favorite Quotes
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 Pat Ruettiger - “He grew up being very independent. He had his chores like any kid did at that time. There was never any, 'I don't want to do it.' You had to do it to sustain yourself.”
 Pat Ruettiger - “Everyone who knew him, whether they knew him for five years or for 60 years, thought of him as a storyteller.”
 Lionel Tiger - “It is the formidable character of the species to routinely seek the improbable, the difficult, even the impossible, as a source of pleasure and self-justification. Who would try to write poems, or novels, or paint pictures unless he is an optimist”
 Lionel Tiger - “Cathedrals are an unassailable witness to human passion. Using what demented calculation could an animal build such places I think we know. An animal with a gorgeous genius for hope.”
 Pat Ruettiger - “I remember when we were kids he'd hunt muskrats, hundreds of them, and he'd have them all skinned and hanging in the basement. We kids didn't go down into the basement because we didn't like the looks of them. We also ate rabbit when we were kids, but out parents didn't tell us that. Rabbits were too cute and cuddly.”
 Pat Ruettiger - “We didn't want him to be out there alone a lot, but he was very self-sufficient. She was a great cook, but he was a person who wouldn't let us do anything. He did his own cooking, washing and cleaning house. It was a big change for him, but he knew he had to continue.”
 Lionel Tiger - “Eternal vigilance is the price of sexual confidence.”
 Lionel Tiger - “Beauty is a marketing tool for Mother Nature's most basic product - reproduction - which in turn depends upon sexual attraction and success.”
 Pat Ruettiger - “Later, when the coyotes came into this area, he got a license and started trapping coyotes. One year, he trapped 15 coyotes near his house. The coyotes had taken over so much of the land where there used to be rabbit, mink, fox and pheasant. He saw it as keeping the balance in nature a bit. He'd go out in the early morning and be gone eight hours. My mother would call and say, 'It's getting dark out,' and he'd come strolling in.”