My Favorite Quotes
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 Adrian Tigert - “I looked at this situation with Bruce Pearl moving on as an opportunity to be coached by two great coaches.”
 Adrian Tigert - “We're excited. We're just going to get ready, go down there and play our hearts out.”
 Adrian Tigert - “We understand maybe 95 percent of the crowd will be Florida fans. That won't be a factor with us.”
 Adrian Tigert - “They were cheering for us because they would rather play us than Oklahoma. But sometimes you have to watch what you wish for, because we have proven ourselves, being the lower seed. Last year, Boston College was cheering for us in the first round, too. So if that's what they want, they got it.”
 Adrian Tigert - “Sometimes I think you have to watch what you wish for because we have proven ourselves being the lower seed. Last year Boston College was cheering for us too. If that's what they want they got it. We understand it'll be 95 percent Florida fans and that will just add to excitement. We're ready for it.”
 Adrian Tigert - “We have great team chemistry. Our seven seniors have done a great job all year long. We're all 23. We're all older guys. There's nothing to fear.”
 Adrian Tigert - “Everyone is expected to do everything. There's not an emphasis on one or two guys doing all the scoring, it's more of a balanced attack.”
 Adrian Tigert - “Go with your heart. That's what we do. We know we can win. So if you think we can win, go ahead - in your free pool that you entered.”