My Favorite Quotes
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 Rex Tillerson - “This is an industry that lives in cycles. The price environment we're in today is not sustainable.”
 Rex Tillerson - “What we support is continued efforts to understand the problem better. We need to work harder on articulating our views, and we're going to try to do better at that in the future.”
 Rex Tillerson - “Exxon Mobil today accounts for a smaller global market share than Exxon and Mobil did together eight years ago.”
 Rex Tillerson - “We are patient, and we are not opportunity constrained.”
 Rex Tillerson - “In our view, ROCE (return on capital employed) continues to be the best overall measure of financial performance given the long-term capital -intensive nature of our industry. I would be cautious of anyone who tries to de-emphasize it. Some seem to have focused on other metrics to guide what they view to be in the best interest of their shareholders.”
 Rex Tillerson - “By practically every measure, 2005 was an outstanding year.”
 Rex Tillerson - “We need U.S. energy companies that have the scale and financial strength to make investments, undertake the risk and develop the new technologies.”
 Rex Tillerson - “You have to put a question mark around just how long the global economy can live at 60 a barrel.”
 Rex Tillerson - “Simply put, it works. The Exxon Mobil culture is something that a lot of people would like to understand better. I'm not really going to help them understand it, because it's the source of our competitive advantage.”
 Rex Tillerson - “Projects still require years to develop, cost billions of dollars to bring on stream and operate for decades.”
 Rex Tillerson - “I don't think people should look for much to be different. It's a culture that started many, many years ago. It's a culture familiar to me since I joined the company, now almost 32 years ago.”
 Rex Tillerson - “We are investing heavily in conventional oil and natural gas, which is the business we are in. We are not in those other businesses.”
 Rex Tillerson - “Our industry remains massive and very much a long-term, capital-intensive business.”
 Rex Tillerson - “With respect to the committee's specific question -- whether mergers and acquisitions in our industry have contributed to higher prices at the pump -- the answer is no.”