My Favorite Quotes
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 Roger Tilles - “The whole purpose of this initiative is because we have seen students in first grade who have received pre-K and full-day kindergarten and they have a whole year over those who don't. They are a year behind and it only gets worse from there.”
 Roger Tilles - “The school district doesn't have to be the provider. We will work with a consortium of people to use libraries and universities to house pre-K programs.”
 Roger Tilles - “We approved a recommendation to the Legislature for not just full-day kindergarten but also lowering the compulsory age to five and funding for it by the state and an 'opt-out' clause for parents from the age requirement.”
 Roger Tilles - “It's very clear that our school districts need an awakening.”
 Roger Tilles - “Miller Place argues they do fine. Maybe they do since many of their children go to pre-school. But not all kids in Miller Place went to pre-school. We want to close the education gap that's the main reason we want to make it mandatory.”