My Favorite Quotes
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 Tim Zasada - “We haven't won a road game and we haven't won two in a row. We spoke about trying to end the season on a good note. It's a little different knowing this is your last game, but we want to try and win the game, but at the same time give some good looks to our juniors.”
 Tim Zasada - “We got kicked out of the gym yesterday by the boys, we get no respect. Then they (Thornton) give us a bad seed in the regional and we're at least a six seed. We beat them by 40 (a few weeks back) and they give us that.”
 Tim Zasada - “It all starts with the nose guard. You're just worried about getting the snap off and not getting hit.”
 Tim Zasada - “We're an injury away from being mediocre or bad.”
 Tim Zasada - “She's the smallest kid on the floor, but she's the nastiest, no doubt about it. She's very passionate.”
 Tim Zasada - “It's a shame she doesn't have more confidence in her shot. I have confidence she can make 3s.”
 Tim Zasada - “They looked a little rattled. Our girls do a great job of sensing that. It's like they smell blood.”
 Tim Zasada - “Any time we think we got one-on-one coverage, we're going to throw it. It could be fourth-and-1, we'll go ahead and give it a shot.”